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How To Have Fun In Huatulco Mexico with Kids

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Is it possible to have fun in Mexico with kids on a family vacation and teach them something at the same time?

If you’re headed for Huatulco Mexico ...just remember it isn’t just all beaches and margaritas..ok, well mostly it is. And beaches are definitely always on the list to do, of course.

mexico with kids
margaritas on the beach

But if you want to go down south with kids AND try to teach them something educational at the same time (bless your little heart!), then Huatulco is still an amazing option. It’s definitely one of the most amazing destinations to check out if you are heading south.

I lived in Huatulco with my two boys ages 12 and 10, I know there are definitely a lot of fun-filled things to do other than just the beach. So here are my top 5 things to do if you’re in Mexico with your kids!

Mexico with Kids: A Family Vacation Zipline Canopy Tour

A zipline canopy tour is definitely a blast for kids and it was so much fun for mine, they’ve done it twice!

Transportation is included and you’ll be picked up at your hotel or vacation villa. An experienced guide will take your family on a 2-3 hour zipline tour. This is the perfect activity for kids and they’ll have a thrilling adventure flying above the treetops.

This is a great opportunity to get that educational nugget in while they’re zipping among the tropical jungle. The guide will show them the jungle plants and giant cacti native to this stunning area in southern Mexico.

mexico with kids
zipline in the jungle canopy

There’s also a smaller zipline for little kids so they can have their own adventure too.

This is my number one choice for the having fun in Mexico with kids that will provide them with a thrill and a little education from Mom and Dad too!

Visit the Copalita Archeological Site

You MUST visit the Copalita Archeological Site on your family vacation if you really want the kiddos to learn something they can take back to their home country.

The ruins are a recently discovered archeological site about 15 minutes from Huatulco by car. The trails at the ruins will be interesting to kids since there’s a good chance they’ll be seeing a lot of butterflies, iguanas and coatimundis (kind of a Mexican racoon)!

There are excellent guides here that will explain the history of the area to the kids. The history of these ancient ruins and the habits of the early people including their accomplishments and beliefs should keep your kids pretty interested.

Huatulco Mexico with kids
Copalita Archeological Site Huatulco

If they do start to lose interest the guide will take them outside to explain the temples, ball court, and life in these ancient times. Going to Mexico with kids has never been so fun!

Taking a taxi from the Tangolunda hotel zone or Santa Cruz shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars and you can arrange for pickup and transport back to your hotel afterwards..


Ok, so this activity is one that Moms and Dads will really enjoy too with the opportunity for relaxing on the beach. You can’t really mention Huatulco Mexico with kids without including some beach life!

Playa Entrega is a fantastic location to take the kids for snorkelling. This beach is calm and clear andsnorkelling here provides an educational experience and a lot of fun.

Snorkelling equipment can be rented on the beach and chances are your kids will see turtles and amazing tropical fish. Puffer, star fish and a beautiful coral reef is definitely part of the attraction too.

snorkelling at La Entrega

I remember taking my kids snorkelling here for the first time. My Canadian kids were pretty blown away by the variety of sea life.

Parents can snorkel with kids here too or have their beer on the beach (my favorite thing to do!) while keeping an eye out for the kids. La Entrega is a is a highly recommended activity and almost a guaranteed good time.


You can’t go wrong as an educational experience by taking the kids to Hagia Sofia Eco Adventure Park.

This beautiful park with exotic walking paths has over 100,000 plants and over 60 varieties of birds.

You’ll also have a chance to taste up to 80 varieties of fruits depending on the season including fruitscalled Rambutan and Mangosteen. Definitely don’t have these ones in Canada!

hagia sofia Adventure Park

You can combine the park visit with various zipline options and waterfall visits if you want to make it more exciting. Depending on your kids needs you can customize your day.

You won’t be able to leave this area without the kids learning something new they can take back home and brag to their friends.


The last and probably one of the most memorable things that you can do with and for your kids is let
them release some baby turtles back into the ocean.

The Huatulco area is known for turtle sanctuaries and many thousands of baby turtles are born and released back into the ocean to preserve these beautiful creatures of the deep.

A tour that’s highly recommended by almost everyone, this is a full day that allows for your kids to really bond with nature. They’ll feel accomplished and helpful having the opportunity to release little baby turtles into the ocean. It’s also a great chance for parents to teach their kids about conservation efforts.

turtles swimming at Mazunte

Speaking from experience, kids can have a lot of fun learning about turtles and regional wildlife.

I took my kids to the Turtle Sanctuary and was blown away by the world of turtles and how many different varieties of there are! Who knew?

So there you have it..My recommended choices for fun things to do in Huatulco with the kiddos. My kids have tried and tested these activities and given them a thumbs up. Depending on the ages of your kids you may want to customize these tours and activities in different ways!

And if you still need more inspiration check out these other thrilling activities to do too!

couple relaxing on the beach

Of course, in between all these educational activities, you’ll also want to have downtime with the kids. Not everyday has to be educational but with 36 beaches even “another day on the beach” won’t just be an ordinary one!

Do you think these are activities you’re kids are going to love? Let me know.

Happy Travels!

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