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Which Travel Insurance is Best for Mexico?

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So you might be a bit scared to travel right now with the whole “world situation” meaning yes, that nasty virus. So what is the best travel insurance to travel to Mexico in order to keep your health intact?

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Why do you need the best travel insurance?

So, why do you need the best anyway? There is very good medical care in Mexico. And it’s not expensive. So even if you don’t have insurance you’d most likely be ok for small medical issues.

But maybe you’re a “snowbird”, someone who lives in Mexico for just part of the year (definitely the winters!. Or maybe you’re just really not comfortable leaving your country knowing you’re not covered in case something (anything!) happens.

Having proper insurance is something more to worry about as you get a little older, and for good reason. A fall down some steps or an unknown illness, is stressful enough even when you’re home. But it can be a bit more scary when you’re visiting a foreign country and don’t know the language. So it’s definitely practical to be covering all your bases before you leave your home country.

Insurance is one of those things that you hopefully won’t even use but that being said, I am always an advocate of being prepared for any eventuality in life. It makes things easier and saves you some worry.

What’s the Best Insurance for Canadians?

There are a lot of different kinds of global insurance and there are many good companies but since most of my readers are American or Canadian I’ll just focus on those countries.

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If you’re Canadian you might be worried about getting insurance that includes COVID-19 protection. As of this writing there is a ban on non-essential travel from Canada but not everything is always so black and white.

For example, my Mexican husband has an elderly father in Mexico and it may be necessary for him to visit him for health reasons. In that case, although we use all precautions, we may have to leave the country regardless of the travel rules in Canada.

Luckily, Medipac Travel Insurance and Blue Cross (Canada) now include coverage for coronavirus in their policies.

Coverage depends on customers not showing symptoms of the virus prior to their contract date. So that’s good news if you absolutely MUST travel to Mexico right now. It brings piece of mind knowing that if worse comes to worse, you’ll be taken care of in case of emergency.

What Other Insurance Should You Use?

It also seems like other insurance companies will be restoring their coverage for COVID-19 once the tough travel advisories are lifted in Canada so you’ll have other choices too. For now, it’s pretty limited though.

What About American Travel Insurance?

As an American you’ll have a lot of choices. One I can recommend is Aardy Insurance. Their website says that they provide travel insurance even if you contract COVID-19. They provide trip cancellation, trip interruption , medical insurance and trip delay.

Another great choice for insurance if you’re travelling from the United States to Mexico is Travelex Insurance. Their website says that they provide coverage if you or your family member get coronavirus before or during your trip. Good to know! Definitely some peace of mind there…

Should I Even Travel?

Should you even travel right now? To be honest, there is no exact answer and I wouldn’t even try to give it to you.

In the middle of COVID-19 many governments are making it very difficult to travel to Mexico and other countries, and with good reason. They are doing what they can to halt the pandemic that has ruled our lives (or so it feels like!) for the past year.

But that being said, not everyone is of the same cookie-cutter background. If you can stay home right now it might be best to wait until things get a little bit better. However like I mentioned above, you may have a valid reason for travelling that can’t be put off.

Essential reasons for travelling might be for family reasons (like us!), emergencies or financial reasons so if you do travel, it’s definitely a personal decision.

But whatever your choice is right now make sure you take all precautions. In that case, insurance is a must.

We’re all hoping things will get better and we’ll all be back to enjoying beautiful Mexico whenever and however we want. But if you do decide to go there right now for whatever personal reasons make sure you’re covered by insurance for whatever circumstance you might encounter.

What do you think about travelling to Mexico?

Happy Travels!

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August 26, 2021 9:43 pm

We booked for December as soon as Westjet opened up Vacation packages, and when there was news of mandatory quarantining in hotels upon returning to Canada.

As of now, would you recommend the same insurers?


August 27, 2021 6:13 pm

I don’t personally recommend anyone – I just give the information. I know these are reputable insurers but I would suggest giving them a phone call to see if they have amended their policies…Good luck!

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October 8, 2021 6:08 am

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