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Packing List for Mexico: What to Pack for The Tropics

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So you’re wondering what to add to your packing list for Mexico? You’re probably thinking, “thongs and a bathing suit”, right? Well, you’re partially right. Any trip to the beaches of Mexico definitely has to have the sandals and the thong bikini (just kidding about the thong bikini!)

But maybe you’re wondering how is Huatulco different from any other beach destination? Well don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ve not only lived there but I’ve been down a gazillion times so I’ve made a packing list for Mexico for you of the absolute essentials:

Is It your first time visiting Mexico?

If it’s your first time to a Mexican resort destination you probably know it’s going to be hot. Duh, right? But surprisingly, some destinations can be pretty hot during the day and then quite cool as soon as the sun goes down (think Cabo San Lucas, for example!).

mexico packing list
Mexican resort destinations

So, what do you put in your packing list for Mexico? If we’re just talking about Huatulco, you can rest assured that the evenings are pretty warm too so you don’t really even need a light jacket. Then again, everyone feels things differently so although I don’t take a jacket with me you might want to take a light one (and I mean a light one!) even though I’m sure you won’t be using it.

So, let’s get right to the basics here. Not only have I told you what to pack for Mexico, I’m also adding in what you can buy down there because let’s face it, the less luggage you have to haul around the easier travelling is. It’s pretty easty to purchase these things in Huatulco easily.

Your Beach Vacation Packing List – The Must Haves

1. Passport – it seems like this should be common sense, but I’ve had a few experiences with family members getting to the airport with all their luggage and no passport.

Make sure you apply long in advance if you don’t have a passport and make sure you know the passport processing times because if you don’t receive your paperwork in plenty of time before your flight, you won’t be going anywhere!

2. Sunscreen– This is pretty non-negotiable in Huatulco. You can also buy sunscreen in Huatulco at most places too so feel free to not bring it and buy it down there.

And on that topic, don’t sit directly in the sun. Ever. Use your sunscreen generously – or you’ll burn really badly. And yes, I speak from experience.

Packing List for Mexico: There’s Still More to Bring

3. Running Shoes – Think walking! Huatulco is a place where you can walk alot. And trekking along in flip flops after a few miles is not fun. I always pack my favorite runners so I can walk to the beach in comfort. I always end up walking a lot in Huatulco so be prepared!

4. Money – Bring money as in CASH! Make sure you bring your credit and debit card too, but Mexico is a cash society.

If you see some cool souvenirs you may want to take home at the last moment, chances are, it will be a cash only transaction. But on that note, don’t carry too much around. 

5. At least a couple Swimsuits – You’ll end up wearing your swimsuit a lot and just hanging it every night over a balcony doesn’t ensure it’s in great shape for the next days beach day.

packing list for Mexico

Bring at least a couple of swimsuits so you have one always in good shape. Plus it helps to look cute and change it up a bit!

6. Insect Spray – this is a must! Just like the sunscreen you can purchase this in Huatulco but make sure you have some at all times. Huatulco is a jungle area and the bugs and mosquitos come out at night and even during the day on the beach. Don’t take the chance of getting bitten!

7. A couple of items of “resortwear” – Huatulco is very casual so by “resortwear,” I mean bring a couple of maxi dresses or cotton skirts, ladies. And guys can bring some shorts that come below the knee or some khaki pants.

You don’t have to get too crazy or formal and make sure you stick with light fabrics like cotton cause did I mention it’s hot? If you go out for dinner at night in town it’s nice to be presentable. Definitely no bathing suits on the street! And yes, I have seen it…

8. Sunglasses. Just goes without saying – it’s bright. And squinting into the sun will give you a head ache after awhile. Not too mention wrinkles between the eyes, which you probably don’t need!

9. Aspirin or Tylenol – a few too many beers or margaritas on the beach and you’ll need this to ward off the headaches! But again, this can easily be purchased in Huatulco.

10. Bottled Water – always make sure you have some with you when you’re walking around Huatulco. You might not even realize you’re dehydrated cause it’s so hot but dehydration can be dangerous so drink up!

11. Lip balm: Chapped lips can hurt. You won’t even realize they’re burnt until it’s too late so stock up on the lip balm.

12. After sun moisturizer – you don’t want to dry out that gorgeous skin after you’ve been to the beach all day. I like the aloe vera after sun moisturizer myself.

13. Some Spanish words – try to learn a couple of words as it shows respect for being in another country. Even just hello, goodbye, can I have another beer, and most importantly, “where’s the bathroom?”

what to pack for mexico

So there you have it! The holy grail of a packing list for Mexico.

Huatulco is a super tropical destination. You couldn’t pick a better place for lovely weather almost every day.  So when wondering what to pack for Mexico, just bring these basics and you’ll have your bases covered for any beach and jungle tours. And you’ll still have clothes for dinner out in town at night!

If I missed anything let me know in the comments below!

Happy Travels!

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