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6 Tips for Travelling Solo as a Female

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Are you ready to make the decision for travelling solo as a female? Taking the first step to packing your bag and booking your flight is probably the hardest thing to do. That’s why I’ve included these pros and cons and some tips for travelling alone like a boss.

The most common perception is that it isn’t safe for women to travel alone. I remember when I was 19 years old and moved to Mexico alone I was given some particularly interesting advice. Make sure I didn’t take a taxi alone to the hotel because I would for sure be attacked.

travelling solo as a female
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This made me act irrationally and terrified my taxi driver when he took me on an alternate route and I panicked while thinking about jumping out of the vehicle. But that’s another story for another time.

The actual reality is that travelling alone as a female was a gift that I’ve never regretted. By taking that first step and travelling alone most women will find travelling solo to be a confidence booster and a wonderful experience! So here are my tips for travelling alone like a boss!

Travelling Solo as a Female Tips

1. Absolute and Total Freedom

I think the absolute best of the solo travelling tips is that you have all the choices as to where you go, what you do, when you eat and whatever you want to do. Having this much freedom is an amazing thing and you’ll be embracing it wholeheartedly.Travelling with your spouse, friends and family is wonderful too. But have you ever really wanted to do something on vacation that the rest of the group doesn’t want to do? So you end up giving in and doing what everyone else wants?

Here’s another tip for solo travel for women – When you’re solo travelling, you can be as selfish as you want and do exactly what YOU want to do. This opportunity doesn’t come that often in life so revel in it while you can. It can be a very freeing feeling.

That being said, along with all the wonderful freedom of your choices is also all the responsibility when the choices go awry. So if you eat the wrong foods or take the wrong bus the burden’s all on you! But that’s not really a big price to pay in the long run.

solo travel woman standing alone

The times when we screw up and then overcome the problems are the times when you learn the most about yourself and gain a little more confidence when you solve the problem.

2. Solo Travelling Tips – You Get to Meet Some Really Unique People

People generally think that travelling solo as a female is a pretty lonely road but actually it’s interesting how many times travellers will start conversations with solo travellers, specifically women.

Despite language barriers, people are pretty curious when they find out you’re a solo female. Especially as a woman they’re more likely to help out if you need some information. And it really doesn’t matter what culture or language issues there are because most people are pretty helpful in the world.

People tend be proud of where they’re from and generally want to extend a sense of welcome to you when you visit their city. They’re curious and want to find out more about you. These experiences can restore trust in people and really enrich your travelling experiences.

3. Build Your Self-Confidence and Self Esteem

I can tell you is that the first step to travelling alone as a woman is always the hardest. One of the most important solo travelling tips I can give is to actually stop thinking about it and just do it. Pick your destination and pack your bag. Once you’ve accomplished that first small step you’ll feel a burst of self confidence.

travelling solo as a female
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Prepare to feel apprehensive and a bit scared. A lot of the hard work will fall on your shoulders and you may have to listen to a few nay-sayers but ultimately, organizing a trip for yourself will be a life changing event.

4. Be the Master of Your Own Fate

Another one of my solo travelling tips is something to consider. Very rarely in life are you able to do whatever the heck you like. And being able to do whatever you like can be underrated. But if you’re travelling solo as a female you can choose what you want to do, see the sights, visit museums, sleep in, eat something exotic, visit a beautiful city or do absolutely nothing.

If you have an infinite amount of time to travel (and lucky if you do!) you can change your plans on a whim. You can have plans arranged but if you decide to change your mind at a moments notice you can do so without offending anyone else.

5. Learn How to Be Creative

There are very few experiences like solo travel that can get you trying to figure out what to do next and do it quickly! Only when you are in that position can you figure out how creative you can really be.

Things can always go “bad” when you travel whether you miss a bus, check into a sketchy hotel or try to arrange an activity not usually offered in a strange destination.

But that being said, the most amazing solo travelling tips are that experiences can come out of the most stressful and accidental. You’ll learn to “go with the flow” and make the most of the situation. This is an amazing life hack too, not getting too worked up when things go wrong.

6. You’ll never have to make trade offs

As a female traveller, you probably find that you have to make a lot of trade-offs when travelling with family, friends ot especially children. You generally have to make sure that everyone is happy including yourself. Inevitably that means you’ll have to make some compromises in order to find experiences that everyone enjoys.

But the best part of travelling solo means that all the trade-offs are up to you. You can choose however you want to travel. You can stay in budget accommodation to travel longer or decide when you want to leave a particular destination. The best part of solo travel is you. It’s all about you being to prioritize your time off. And that’s the best part.

What do you think? Have you travelled solo?

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