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Hecho en Mexico: How to Buy the Best Jewelry in Mexico

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jewelry in mexico

Mexican craftsmen are general super talented and the quality in Mexico is spectacular. Over the years I’ve bought so much jewelry in Mexico that I’ve worn and loved.

The Mexican artisan style is handmade, of high quality, and makes for a gorgeous accessory that you can wear with casual or formal clothing. But you do need to watch out for fake items too and I’ve included a couple of ways of determining whether that shiny ring is real silver or not.

Whatever your budget may be you can always find something to your taste. There are lots of ways that you can shop for Mexican jewelry so I’ll list the most popular ones below:

Buying Mexican Jewelry in the Street

When shopping for Mexican silver or gemstones, resist picking up all the pretty silver rings with turquoise artfully arranged.

They might look like they’re good quality but when you return home and clean them after buying, they’ll turn out to be cheap pieces of metal that will only waste your time and money.

Looking at how shiny it is quickly around the street can fool people into thinking it’s real treasure, so don’t make a quick decision right away or else you may end up wasting lots of cash on worthless junk!

jewelry in mexico
jewelry in mexico

So how do you tell if Mexican jewelry is real or fake? The traditional Mexican jewelry like the one made from silver and turquoise or seashells, are usually genuine. However there are fakes circulating around making it hard to tell the difference between real and fake.

Mexican jewelry may have the stamp .925 on them but this doesn’t necessarily mean the silver is real.

A couple of quick tests to determine if you have real silver is very simple. Firstly you can just put a magnet next to the jewelry. If the jewelry sticks to the magnet, it’s most likely fake. Real silver and sold are nonmagnetic so would never stick.

Another test you can do is to rub some white fabric over a small area of the jewelry. If you find black blemishes on the cloth your jewelry is real!

Real silver produces black blemishes because it oxidizes so you can rest assured you have the right thing!

Where to Buy Jewelry in Mexico City

Taxco el Viejo is located in the Santa Ana neighborhood of Mexico City, just a couple blocks from metro Balderas station.

Taxco el Viejo is more than just one market but rather a collection of stalls and shops spread around 4 streets (Independencia, Madero, Reforma and Revillagigedo). Here you will find stands selling all types of silver jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings and silver cuff bracelets.

You can also buy any type of women’s accessories like bags, purses, hair pieces or even artwork like paintings or ceramics. Prices are by the piece so if there happens to be something that you really want it is best to bargain with the vendor because they often have more than one stand with many different pieces.


Buying Jewelry in Taxco

The Aztecs used to mine the silver in the city of Taxco and a silver industry was born. Now, in the city of Taxco, one of the main tourist attractions in Mexico is shopping for Taxco silver jewelry.

Mexican jewelry: Taxco

Taxco is now known for its artesian silver. People from all over the world travel to this city to buy the silver and gorgeous designs and some of the most beautiful jewelry in Mexico.

Nowadays, Oaxaca is known more for its craftsmanship specifically with “barro negro” which is black clay pottery as well as Zapotec ceramics.

People still like to travel to Taxco, though, for silver jewelry even though this city is farther from Mexico City where stores are located.

Buying Mexican Jewelry in Boutiques and Shops

Even though shopping the old-fashioned way in boutiques has been pretty limited in the past year, people still love shopping for jewelry in person in Mexican boutiques.

With the wealth of artists and creative types in Mexico, you won’t have any problem finding shops selling specially crafted mexican jewelry wherever you go. As our world opens up more, this kind of shopping will never go out of style.

There is nothing more fun when on a foreign vacation than spending an afternoon wandering around boutiques and looking at different artesian jewelry. (I think this might apply to women more than men – just my experience!)

Although online shopping is always popular there are some items where I like to see and hold my purchase in my hands before I buy it. Generally the more expensive something is, the more I want to hold and touch it to determine whether I’m going to purchase it or not.

If you’re in the Huatulco area check out Joyeria DLhux Silver & Amber Huatulco. (FB) They specialize in jewelry and watches, specifically amber jewelry.

Buying Mexican Jewelry Online

Buying jewelry online is becoming more and more a popular option. The online world has exploded and people are shopping for everything online so why not jewelry too. It may be a bit harder to determine quality of the product by shopping online though.

The good news is if you know the reputation of the designer ahead of time and do your research you can buy high quality Mexican jewelry from the comfort of your sofa. Below are a few options for shopping online although there there are millions of other options too.

1. UNICEF Online

If you want to support local designers and have your money help a cause you may want to check out Unicef Market.
UNICEF Market was born as an online store for people looking to buy beautiful and well-designed products. But instead of just selling any old product, UNICEF Market supports artisans in developing countries including Mexico by offering their unique items that celebrate the culture and history behind each piece sold.

Buy Mexican Jewelry on Unicef Online

2. Mina De Mar

The Mina de Mar collection will have you feeling like a mermaid in no time! Every detail is handcrafted by skilled artisans, infusing the beauty of beaches and reefs into every accessory. The brand fuses elements from our earth with minerals found deep within oceans to create an original piece that’s one-of-a-kind.

The Mina de Mar Collection has more than just accessories for wearing; these pieces are handmade in Guadalajara by skilled artisans who carefully craft each design. Each item can make anyone feel like they’re part sea creature – especially when worn together as a set!

Shop Mina de Mar

3. Chabacano

If you’re a fan of Mexico and feel like showing off your love for it, Almendra Yañez has an entire collection dedicated to the country. Chabacano which means “apricot” in English has some very sweet jewelry designs indeed.

From necklaces and dangle pendant earrings shaped like its silhouette to rings stamped with “Mexico” across them; any traveler who’s obsessed over their homeland will be sure sell themselves on these products.

Mexico-themed jewelry is a hot trend among those who love the country. If you fall into that category, then these products are worth checking out!

Shop Chabacano jewelry

4. Nunayu

In the Mixteco language, the word Nunayú means “freedom”.

The jewelry sold through Nunayu provides economic freedom for survivors of sexual violence and trafficking. It also provides a source of income to the artists families through profits from sales.

The brand takes pride in giving back to these women. It provides these women opportunities for work but also offers dignity by giving them an outlet that matches their culture; every piece they make is hand-made using beads.

Lots of gorgeous items with an emphasis on dangling jewelry of considerable length. You can find necklaces looking like waterfalls or dangling earrings made out of beautiful and colorful gemstones so bright you’ll have to wear with sunglasses!

Shop Nunayu collection

5. Joyeria Urbana

Joyería Urbana is a Mexican brand that produces fine silver jewelry and other products for daily use. The designers create quality designs inspired by urban life which they produce using 925 sterling silver from Mexico and 100% Mexican materials.

They keep their pieces lightweight so it feels more like an accessory rather than just another piece to carry around all day long!

You can find them at different shopping malls throughout Mexico City or visit them online.

Shop Joyeria Urbana here.

Who are the best Mexican jewelry designers?

The best Mexican jewelry designers are the ones that stand out from the others using creativity and good design. Mexico has a long tradition in creating beautiful jewelry pieces, from luxury to simple everyday wear pieces.

In order to be considered one of the best mexican jewelry designers, a person should have a unique style and great craftsmanship skills. Here are some notable designers that are rocking the jewelry market right now.

1. Daniel Espinosa Jewelry

Daniel Espinosa is a new Mexican jewelry designer from Mexico. His designs are both feminine and masculine at the same time, with a strong connection to his Mexican roots. In order to create his unique pieces he uses different techniques such as welding, soldering and grinding which give them a fantastic aesthetic while being very wearable.

His gold and silver plated collections are unique and his cuff bracelets are beautiful and artistic.

Shop Daniel Espinosa Collection

2. Mani Maalai

Mani Maalai jewelry has a mishmash of styles from different eras and places all over the world ranging from vintage to ethnic to pop. All of these elements are blended in a very well-crafted way, each piece is unique and full of life.
Her jewelry has a connection with nature, she uses soft colors and wood or ivory to create her pieces that are totally handcrafted.

She has a master degree in arts from the National University of Mexico, where she graduated with honors. She also studied an intensive course at Ria Darma Institute of Design in Indonesia, where she learned more about the Hindu culture, and her jewelry honors earth and nature.

Shop Mani Maalai collection

3. Mayeh

Ivón Fuentes, the founder of Mayeh jewelry, is a Mexican artist born in Mexico City. Since she was a little girl, she used to wander through her mother’s jewelry box and play with her fine jewels.

That kind of obsession for precious stones and specific materials led her to study sciences in college, but later on Ivón Fuentes realized the love for arts that was illuminating inside of her and a passion was born.

Her jewelry reflects Mexican culture, natural themes, colors that are part of the Mexican landscape–the ocean, sunrise, sunset, birds and stars. Her brand celebrates all the beauty of Mexico and nature.

Ivón Fuentes has been able to combine her profession and personal life into one project where the natural world is expressed through precious metals and stones in more than 35 collections of handmade jewelry. With more than 20 years of experience, the designer stands out for her social conscience and the elegance of her beautiful jewelry.

Shop Mayeh jewelry collection

There are many other options for purchasing Mexican jewelry, there’s no way I can cover everything in one post. What’s your favorite Mexican jewelry?

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