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The Best Mariachi Songs To Kick Off Your Sandals To

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Best Mariachi Songs: Mariachi Band
Mariachi Band

You might think mariachi songs are just about traditional Mexican music, but you’d be wrong. These roving musicians are an essential ingredient for everything from fiestas, weddings, funerals and beach days on Mexico’s beautiful beaches. The best part? Mariachis can play any song!

Mariachi music is a vital part of Mexican culture, with its origins dating back to the 18th century. The tradition lives on in Mexico today through festivals like Independence Day where celebrations are kicked off by mariachi bands and traditional dances are followed up by delicious food served around the country.

Best Songs for the Beach or Parties

When sitting on the beaches, you’ll probably see some roving troubadors (they’re not officially mariachis because they don’t wear charro suits or have a full orchestra). But these strumming and singing performers are still great for adding style and flair to your travel vacation.

So it’s handy to know what songs can be requested so that you don’t listen endlessly to the same song over and over!

What about planning a date night or night out? You’ll need to know what music is the most suitable for an upbeat, festive atmosphere or a more romantic one with slow music. Some people love a good dance party, while others crave the soft sounds of an acoustic guitar. Some prefer to get their heart racing with upbeat songs that will make them want to dance all night long, whereas other lovers enjoy slow-paced melodies perfect for swaying back and forth as life slows down.

Mariachi songs from the Mariachi Band
Mariachi songs from the Mariachi Band

I found a playlist of some songs from my Mexican husband’s side of the family that I hadn’t heard before. As we were coming up with this list, it occurred to me how amazing and diverse Mexican music is!

If you’re looking for some creative tunes at your next gathering, check out this famous upbeat music which is perfect for dancing or just sitting down listening. The list also includes some pretty famous songs too!


The Absolute Best Mariachi Songs

  • No Vale la Pena
  • La Media Vuelta
  • Sabor a Mi
  • Te regalo una rosa –
  • Y Te Vas and El Amor – Mournful but beautiful songs.
  • Para Siempre
  • Urge – Vicente Fernandez
  • Mujeres Divinas – will make you cry
    10 El Son de la Negra – lively
  • El Mariachi Loco – great dancing music
  • Malagueña – emotional song
  • Si Nos Dejan
  • ¡Viva México! and 15 de septiembre – played for Mexico’s Independence Day on Sept 16th.
  • Mexico Lindo y Querido – you’ll wish you were born in Mexico after you listen to this.
  • Amor Eterno – Juan Gabriel wrote this when his mother passed away. It’s a beautiful song for an emotional time.
  • Una Madre Entre Flores – A cheerful tribute song for Mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day.
  • El Borracho – speedy and great for dancing
  • Las Mañanitas – for a birthday party
  • Cielito Lindo – very famous
  • Volver, Volver
  • La Llorona – usually played the most on Day of the Dead
  • Siempre te amaré – a wedding mariachi song
  • Las Golondrinas (The Swallows) –A mariachi song that is traditionally played at a funeral, and it symbolizes saying goodbye to someone as they ascend into heaven. It can also be used for New Year’s Eve (to say farewell to the old year) or when starting on new journeys in life.

What is the Best Mariachi Song for Dancing?

So which famous mariachi song is best for dancing? One song worth checking out is El Mariachi Loco by the Oscar Flores band! This lively tune will have you moving to the rhythm in no time at all and might even get your partner up and dancing too!

And if you’re in Mexico City, the best place to go is Garibaldi for authentic Mexican Mariachi. Check out the guided tours to get a real feel for this music below!

What should I pay a Mariachi Band?

If you’re wondering how much to pay a mariachi band, it depends where you are.

You can probably negotiate up to around 10 dollars for a couple of songs (U.S) if you’re just sitting on the beach. It might seem like it’s not worth it but when you’re looking for an awesome soundtrack of your day at the beach and want something more authentic than Ricky Martin it’ll fit the bill!

If you’re planning your next party and thinking of hiring a mariachi band there are some things you’ll need to consider. For one thing, it’s a bit different than just requesting the songs at restaurants or on beaches.

You definitely want that perfect birthday and anniversary present too- I get it! But when you hire a Mariachi Band during those special occasions like a milestone moment of life you want to make sure you choose the perfect opening song from a favorite artist.

It isn’t easy choosing which tunes will be best suited to set the mood; after all these musicians have many more options then usual with hundreds upon thousands of great songs out there available!

So here’s what you need to know to book a mariachi band the right way!

Mariachi Songs: mariachi band member

How to Hire a Mariachi Band

The best mariachi band in the city should play your favorite songs and have a great time at your party. It’s usually a good idea to book them for around 2 hours, with about 12-15 songs per hour.

Make sure to provide enough space so that they can be comfortable playing their instruments while still having room on the dance floor!

A welcoming committee is also necessary – someone who identifies guests of honor and asks which song requests are preferred by everyone else there as well as making arrangements for drinks, food (and bathrooms!).

Once you have all of the details figured out, it’s time to get ready for your Mariachi band. Determine how many musicians will best suit your needs and figure out the budget so that everyone has a great experience.

Don’t forget-you want them there early enough! They need to know when they should arrive in order not be too tired by their performance or any other events before hand (the earlier the better).

For transportation, make sure to ask if they used their own vehicle or arrange transport through a reliable transportation service so this is one less thing that has to be organized.

Have a list handy of the best mariachi songs to request. Ask them if they want dinner and be sure to tip generously for any extra performances!

No matter what mariachi songs you decide are your favorite, you’ll have a lot to choose from. If I’ve missed any of your favorite mariachi music, let me know below!

Book your Mariachi band here!

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