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Mexico Sim Cards: The Best Reasons for Buying One Before you Go!

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Mexico can be a wonderful country, but it’s technology infrastructure isn’t as sophisticated compared to other countries. That’s why you need an unlockable Mexico SIM Card for your traveling needs; if not, then travelling within this beautiful country will be a bit more complicated!

In this blog post, I’ve collected some great information on where the best places are in Mexico to get one of these cards as well as the data they come with (so that no matter what happens while exploring you’ll never run out of connectivity). Nothing beats being able connect constantly through text messages or emails when you’re in a foreign country.

The only way to stay connected while traveling in Mexico is with Mexico sim cards. This may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but if you find yourself stuck without internet access or need for GPS navigation outside major cities then it will be worth every penny!

Nowadays most people have smartphones which offer high quality WiFi connectivity — unfortunately this doesn’t work well when accessing public Wi-Fi networks around town (especially since most people don’t know how notoriously difficult Mexican networks can be).

I recommend getting either extra days of coverage from your phone provider or investing in some smarter international roaming rates. This can be pretty expensive, however, and this is where the Mexican sim card comes in. Check out the info below as to why you need one!

How does a Mexican sim card work?

The SIM card is the key to your phone connection! It’s called Subscriber Identity Module, or simply “SIM”. A small chip on a plastic card that goes into one side of an electronic device like your phone and allows you access by matching up with information from another mobile network provider.

What is the Best Sim Card for Mexico?

Ideally, you should buy your Mexico SIM card from Telcel. This is the largest cell phone service provider in Mexican history so it will give users coverage throughout all areas of this country with its networks!

Telcel Mexico SIM cards are the best way to get great coverage in your home country. You can also use Movistar, but be aware that they have a poor reputation with customers and might not always provide reliable service!

Sizes of Sim Cards in Mexico

Luckily, the Telcel options featured for purchase in this article work with all cell phone sizes. You can see which one is right for your device by looking at its specifications on Google or elsewhere online!

Mexico Sim Cards: How much do they cost?

SIM cards while in Mexico vary greatly, but the price shouldn’t exceed $10-$15. Now that’s just for a card without data – you can also buy it here from Amazon if your plan doesn’t include any downloads or SMS messages!

The best way to get a faster internet connection in Mexico is by purchasing this card before you go. This means you won’t have any wasted time waiting trying to get the card in Mexico when you want to hit that beach! You can buy it now and save yourself some hassle.

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Getting the Telcel Sim Card online

So you’re thinking about going to different parts of Mexico? Make sure that before your trip you make sure to check if your phone has the capability to be unlocked and how much space is left on its SIM card.

Now that I’ve explained what a SIM card is for those who don’t know- let’s talk sizes! There are two main types: GB (gigabyte) or MB; these determine how much data each individual usage allows—and they will stop working after their respective amounts have been used up.

Telcel Mexico has some great prepaid SIM cards with unlimited calls and texts within the country. You also get Instagram, WhatsApp Facebook Twitter all for free!

But you need to watch your data usage on Google Maps because it can suck up a lot of space really quick – plus make sure that if you plan on streaming videos or downloading podcasts then download them first before going online so they don’t eat through any valuable cellular internet time.

4GB is more than enough data for your Mexico vacation! You’ll never have to worry about going over the monthly limit with this Telcel SIM, even if you plan on doing lots of map-based navigation.

If you are using Google Maps all day long while traveling abroad (especially in developing countries), it ‘s clear why most people need this app rather than relying solely upon local landmarks or physical directions as they would at home–and 4 gigs should be plenty enough data to use!

While there are many different types of data plan options available, the best ones are the 12GB packages on our 8 gigabyte SIM card. This amount is perfect if you are planning on viewing a lot of YouTube videos or taking a lot of pictures.

mexico sim cards

Easiest way: You can get a pay as you go Mexico sim card

Mexico is a beautiful country, with lots to see and do. One way you can save money on your trip, though, whether if it’s just for the day or more than one week – buy an OXXO sim card from Telcel!

These are available at many stores across Mexico so there should be no problem finding one nearby when needed most. To refill (recarga), top up or add funds/credit go right ahead and do it at the store or online!

Installing your Mexico Sim Card

When you get a prepaid Telcel SIM, there’s no need to do anything to set it up. Simply turn off your phone and replace it with the new card before turning back on again! If buying one in Mexico City (or anywhere else), head straight for airport duty-free shops when landing so they can assist during this process too – just be sure not forget about giving friends/family info regarding your temporary 55 or 52 digit phone number.

When you put back in your original United States or Canada SIM card, it will automatically revert back to the home number that was on file before!

Sim Card Mexico: Buy at Walmart

The Walmart in Mexico may be your another option for getting a SIM card. More employees means faster service and someone who speaks English to assist with any needs, whereas at OXXO there’s only one person working in each checkout line so it can take longer if they don’t understand what or how things work or what you need.

A quick search online will show that many people have gotten their activated phones from this chain -though both stores offer comparable prices on sims cards (around $35 approx).

Sim Card Mexico: Buy at Oxxo

The OXXO convenience stores are Mexico’s Mobile Store – You can get a SIM card from any of the following networks: Telcel, IUSACELL and Movilnet. There are also many other brands that sell their own brand-specific cards at an Oxxo location near you!

Note: In Mexico they are called “chips” instead of “sims” so be sure to specify the phone you have before buying since they both work with different network providers in Mexico.

Sim Card Mexico: Buy it at the Airport

The Mexico City Airport is not the only place you can buy your Mexico SIM card. There are plenty of options outside as well and don’t just assume that airports will provide WiFi connectivity either. There are many instances where airports say they have free WiFi but don’t actually provide any connectivity!

It’s often not too much cheaper to buy the SIM card at the airport versus online in advance but there are a few things you should consider about this method.

Your flight might arrive when all shops have closed and you’re unable to purchase the sim card. They may be sold out of what you’re looking for or even if available, only have limited stock.

Why Wait?

1. Why not Get it Right now?

Why wait and take the chance you might not be able to get one? Procrastinating will just get you in trouble. Get your SIM card right now and just click this link. Then it’s one less thing to worry about. There’s no purpose in waiting.

2. Better safe than sorry

We all know that when you’re on the go, your cell phone is almost a physical extension of yourself. And if you’re in an emergency situation, being able to reach out right away using Mexico sim cards can be the difference between a good vacation and a very bad one!

3. Your loved ones will have peace of mind

By taking photos and videos, you can show your friends back home that you’re having an amazing time. You might even want to share some of the best moments with them at the same time you’re having your experiences which is the joy of technology!

They’ll also know you can communicate with them immediately in case of emergency.

4. Access to google maps and translate

You can’t go abroad without downloading some apps. In Mexico, you’ll need Google Translate for when the people don’t speak English and your Maps app to get around town safely (and not get lost).

You might also want to use Uber more often than usual if you’re in a larger city; after all it’s a new city with lots of exciting things going on and you’ll want to check out all the activities.

5. Sim cards are relatively cheap

When you need a cell phone while traveling, it can be hard to find one that doesn’t have significant roaming fees. If your trip only lasts for few days and the data on this 2GB SIM card costs less than $30 USD then I would say go ahead! It will save so much hassle from having an American or Canadian phone carrier charge you on a daily basis. And coming home to a huge phone bill. No fun at all!

So, what do you think? Are Mexican SIM cards the way to go for your next vacation? Weigh in below in the comments!

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