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A Bit About Us

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Shannon Jimenez

Hi, I’m Shannon and I’m a Canadian who fell in love with Mexico on my first trip to Puerto Vallarta when I was just 19.

That started a 30 year love affair with this country which led to marrying my Mexican husband, Hector. And now I have even a stronger connection to this gorgeous, complex, and absolutely crazy country.

The Big Dream

Hector fishing in Huatulco

Right now we’re raising two teenage boys and are temporarily settled in Canada. However, just a few years ago we sold our belongings and our home in Vancouver, BC. We then sunk all our money into creating our dream. A vacation home in Huatulco, Mexico.

Oh, and I just happened to get pregnant at the same time.

So, thinking I could sling this new baby on my back, live in construction with no kitchen and a newborn, (what a good idea, right?) we decided to go right ahead!

Wow…did we ever take on a lot of work!

our kids, Nik and Quinn

But, fast forward a few years and life happened, so as things normally do, it eventually worked out. We now spend as much time as we can in Huatulco and completely consider it our home away from home.

Eventually we’ll be back there for winters but gotta get the kiddos (yes, another one came along!) raised first! In the meantime, between Hector and I, we have years living in Mexico. So we’d like to think we have a bit of insight we’d like to share with you.

We’d love to have you stay with us at La Vivienda Villa, our home that we built with a dream and a few pennies (at least, that’s what it felt like!) in Huatulco.

But if you’re not quite ready to visit just yet, enjoy our articles and insiders tips about this beautiful area on the Oaxacan Coast named Huatulco!

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