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The Most Beautiful Huatulco Beaches

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There are so many “most beautiful” Huatulco beaches that I would have to write for a week to include them all. But since I’m sure you don’t have 24 hours straight to read this article, I’ll get to the point.

Since the Huatulco resort area is a main tourist area and most people ask what are the best beaches I’ll just focus on a guide to the beaches of Huatulco, Oaxaca.

Huatulco beaches

Playa Santa Cruz

Although this is a lovely little beach, it is by no means large. It is, however, located right in the huatulco area in Santa Cruz where the marina is located and is a beach used a lot by locals and expats.

You’ll find a few shops and services around this beach and some good restaurants on the beach. It’s within walking distance to our rental villa in Santa Cruz too which makes it attractive to our guests.

All in all, Playa Santa Cruz is a nice option for a day at the beach specifically for the fact that its a great swimming beach too. I’ve spent many a day here especially since its so close to the marina and walking distance from La Vivienda Villa as well as La Crucesita town.

So if your partner wants to go fishing and you don’t want to go, there’s nothing better than spending the day at this little bay. There’s also a market here where you can buy tourist souvenirs as well as a little park where there’s a coffee shop too.

This one definitely is a “two thumbs up”!

Santa Cruz Marina where the cruise ships dock

Playa Entrega

Playa Entrega is a popular beach. It can get pretty busy especially when Mexicans are on vacation as well.

That being said, it is a lovely beach although not super large. The attraction to this beach is the snorkelling. The water is extremely swimmable and the snorkelling is amazing. We use a full face mask so you can really see everything.

We’ve had rave reviews from guests at our villa that just love it and go back over and over. This beach is also a great choice for the kids cause you can rent water toys too and the views of the Sierra Madre mountains are stunning.

There are lots of palapa restaurants on this beach and you’ll be approached by a lot of Mexicans when you arrive trying to get you to go to “their restaurant”.

To be honest, all the restaurants are pretty good for seafood and snacks so choose the option that works the best for you.

Playa Chahue

Of all the nine bays, this one is a stunning bay just a few minutes from Santa Cruz and La Crucesita. It’s large and home to some beach clubs. The sand and the water are gorgeous and the beach is huge.

That being said, this is not a great beach for swimming. The undertow is strong and the waves are rough. I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting my kids swim here. Unless they were just up to their knees.

Huatulco beaches: Playa Chahue
Huatulco beaches: Playa Chahue

But if you want to spend a day on the sand or at the beach clubs which have pools, this is a beautiful option. You could also spend the day at Xquenda Spa in this bay and have an amazing massage.

This is a great beach for introverts. Grab your book and your chair and enjoy the solitude!

Tangolunda Bay

Just like Chahue Beach, this is a gorgeous bay on the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find this bay about 10 minutes from downtown Crucesita. This beach is located in the “hotel zone” as a lot of major hotels and resorts including the Dreams Huatulco Resort are situated on it.

Tangolunda Beach is a very large stunning beach but again, not the type of swimming beach that is safe although the vistas are spectacular. The waves can be rough here and there is a dropoff that is pretty close to the shore.

As long as you’re careful about the ocean conditions you can take a dip. Or alternatively, take a long walk along the beach from one end to the other.

The Top Huatulco Beaches

So there you have it…These are the four Huatulco beaches closest to La Crucesita and in Huatulco. Bear in mind, Huatulco has 36 beaches so I’ve barely skimmed the surface. And if beaches aren’t your thing, check out the rivers and stunning vistas from the coffee plantation and waterfalls more inland. Or take a trip to Puerto Escondido, the hippie tourist town up the coast.

But the above beaches are the ones you’ll probably be at the most when you visit Huatulco.

As I said, Playa Maguey is generally my favorite. But I wouldn’t say no to going to any of them.

If you’ve been to Huatulco already which one is your favorite and why?

Happy Travels!

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