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Huatulco Mexico: One of the Best Places to Retire in Mexico

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best places to retire in mexico
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Huatulco Mexico has got to be one of the best places to retire in Mexico. I absolutely can’t argue about that although there are some things to consider when choosing this destination!

If you’re looking at all factors for retirement in general, the country of Mexico ranks pretty high. When considering a variety of options like cost of living, health, development and lifestyle in general, Mexico has proven to continually rank in the top 5 countries overall.

But one question I see all the time is, where is the best place to retire? There are so many different factors that only you can decide. You have to make a personal decision dependant upon your own needs. However, Mexico has locations for wherever you want to be in retirement, colonial cities with gorgeous architechure or living at the beach in one of the many beachfront communties.

So with all this choice, what’s so great about Huatulco, Mexico? And why is it the best place to retire? Check out Huatulco if you’re looking for lower cost of living, good healthcare and a relaxed way of life. I’ve lived in Huatulco for a few years and below are a few of my personal reasons for why you should make this city a serious contender when you’re deciding where to retire.

Best Places to Retire in Mexico for Absolutely Amazing Weather…did I say amazing weather?

For the Canadian or American snowbirds wanting to get away from the cold in the winter, Huatulco has got to be the best weather in Mexico. The weather is hot and sunny. Period.

There is almost 345 or more consistent days of sun during the year and not during the winter. Huatulco is very close to the equator so has consistently tropical hot temperatures. The rainy season from May to October still provides hot weather but you may get some sporadic rain on a daily basis. Still beach weather though!

The only negative I can say about the weather is that the summer months, specifically May can be quite humid.

Because you’re living by the ocean there are light cool breezes coming down at night but still warm and pleasant. If you’re looking for that tropical vibe and consistent heat, Huatulco should be on your list! That being said if heat is an issue, you’ll want to take Huatulco off your list!

Best Place to Retire if You’re on a Budget

Yes, you can retire in a beach town on a limited budget. Not only will you get more quality buying power, the foreign exchange rate actually contributes more to what you can buy.

Tourism is a factor in Huatulco but not to the extent it is in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. That means that prices haven’t risen so high to price out the residents.

One of the nicest things about Huatulco is the fact that you can really live an affordable way of life. You can afford a housekeeper, pay your own medical and eat out a lot if you like. Generally if you are careful you could live on about $1500-1800 US per month. These facts specifically make it one of the best places to retire in Mexico.

Of course bear in mind, everyone is different. What is a comfortable way of life for one person might be a very restrictive lifestyle for another so these are just general facts. You’ll have to decide how many luxuries you want to fit into your budget and what is important to you.

Huatulco Mexico
Huatulco Mexico

Of course many factors influence this including the lifestyle you want to lead. More luxurious lifestyle means more money spent. Factors including your accommodation, amounts of extras you want will all contribute to how much monthly you will spend. But generally the basics, food, medical, accommodation can be pretty reasonable.

A Real Community Feeling

Huatulco only has about 50,000 people so there is a real community feeling to this town. There’s a thriving expat presence here as well that contribute to the community. The combination of festivals, markets, and events also lead to a small town vibe.

The town is big enough with all amenities to be able to live comfortably but small enough to have a real small town feel. Whether you want to give back to the town by helping with charities or getting involved in small town initiatives there will be something for everyone in order to foster a feeling of giving back.

Maybe you’re wondering if Huatulco is dangerous? If you’re worried about safety, you’ll find Huatulco is consistently a safe place. Crime is pretty low in this area even in comparison to comparable cities in Canada and the US. There is a large naval base on this coast too which contributes to the feeling of safety and thwarts criminal activities in this area.

That being said, petty theft is everywhere in the world and there is absolutely no guarantee anywhere of perfect safety. For more info on safety in Mexico check out my article Is Mexico Safe? 21 Things you Need to Know .

Healthcare is Surprisingly affordable

Many folks interested in moving to Mexico are worried about health care, and rightly so. Especially as you approach retirement age, there can be a lot to be worried about should you have health issues in a foreign country.

But rest assured, there are some options. Once you’ve decided to move to Mexico you can become a Mexican resident. You can then enroll in the Seguro Popular which is the Mexican health care plan. For a small yearly fee you’re covered for most basic healthcare costs.

However, becoming a resident does take some time to get established. In the meantime, health care costs are so low that you can pay out of pocket. For instance when I was ill in Huatulco I actually had a doctor make a visit to my home to diagnose me, prescribe me medication and actually go and get me the medication for me! All for less than 100 dollars US!

If you’re leery about going down with no insurance and you need more info on what kind of insurance to buy before you go, I’ve provided some information for you here.

Huatulco Mexico has absolutely gorgeous scenery

Huatulco is absolutely gorgeous with its location between the mountains and the sea. The contrasts between mountains, jungle and ocean provide amazing scenery. The ocean provides a beautiful backdrop with over 36 beaches and 9 bays. Most communities are located in the different bays with every bay providing a different dramatic backdrop.

Looking out at the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, with the combination of jungle and ocean, Huatulco is a truly magical place. There are so many different populated and virgin beaches to explore and hiking trails. If you are an outdoor sort of person and appreciate nature you’ll be enchanted with Huatulco. It’s got something for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly Location

Huatulco is a master planned community which is a combination of four areas. Santa Cruz, La Crucesita, Chahue and Tangolunda.

Santa Cruz has a large cruise ship dock and cruise ships regularly dock here. It has a tourist market, shops, restaurants and a popular local beach.

Tangolunda is the area where most of the major hotels are located. If you book an all-inclusive vacation in Huatulco, chances are you’re going to be staying in this area. Chahue is the area between Santa Cruz and Tangolunda and contains a marina for local sea vessels and some beach clubs. There is a beautiful beach in this bay as well although the water is very rough for swimming and can be dangerous if you don’t exercise caution.

La Crucesita is the little inland town where you can purchase your groceries or go to pharmacies, dentists and doctors. There is a charming little park in the middle of the town as well as a large market and numerous stores and restaurants. Many people go into La Crucesita in the evening or on Sundays as there may be entertainment in the zocalo. Just walking around checking out the shops and bars is always a fun excursion.

Because Huatulco has been so well planned, it has clean energy and a top of the line water and sewage treatment plant. The area has won numerous green globe ecological achievement awards. Most importantly, Huatulco will never be over developed because 70% of Huatulco’s development area is dedicated to green space, meaning more nature for you.

Affordable Quality, and the Best Place to Retire

Huatulco is a lively area with all amenities needed and stunning scenery. If you’re looking for one of the best places to retire in North America, I would seriously consider this area and make it a contender.

With the gorgeous weather, lower cost of living, easy flights within North America and a thriving expat community, Huatulco is definitely one of the best places to retire in Mexico. What do you think? Would you consider Huatulco?

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