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The Best Food in Mexico – 6 Delicious Huatulco Things to Eat

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If you’re looking for some of the best food in Mexico on your next trip to Huatulco, Mexico, you’ll have no problem finding the simplest and freshest foods.

You’ll want to return time and again to this gem on the coast just for the amazing seafood and other Oaxacan specialties.

Huatulco’s location right on the ocean practically guarantees fresh seafood. But in case you’re not really a fish fan, I’ve thrown in a few other mouth-watering specialities that will get you just as excited.

I’ve tried all these foods and can vouch for their amazingly delicious factor. When I’m in Canada, I’m not really a big fish person.

But for some reason, when on the beach with a cold beer, there’s nothing else I would rather eat than a big cooked white fish. And that leads me to my first amazingly delicious miracle from the sea – fresh fish….

Fish Fish and more fish

  1. Dorado – this light fish is absolutely gods gift to the fish world! Add it to some tortillas and sprinkle some lime on top and you’re got an amazing meal. It has relatively few bones and the meat is light and tasty. The best place to get some of this is on the beach, of course.

Sit under one of the palapa restaurants on any of the popular beaches such as Santa Cruz, Maguey or Entrega, and you should be able to order this fresh as ever.

Restaurant Ve El Mar , located on the beach in Santa Cruz, serves up this fish “a la plancha” or “al ajo”, grilled or with garlic. I always order one fish for hubby and I cause there’s plenty for sharing!

2. Camarones Al Ajillo – if fresh shrimp and garlic doesn’t rock your boat, I don’t know what does. Shrimp are so versatile, you can order these at a palapa restaurant and request them be cooked a million different ways.

Breaded, boiled with garlic, fried – well you get the picture! Definitely rates as some of the best food in Mexico.

And if having them with rice and salad isn’t your piece of cake, order a shrimp cocktail. It’s usually served with a tomato base but I always order it “naturel” which is just plain with lime juice. Shrimp is one of those things to eat that become a staple when you go to Huatulco.

If you’re into something a little hotter try “camarones a la diabla”. These are shrimp in a pepper sauce that is bright red and usually made with dried chiles. If you’re on a diet it’s low carb and gluten free so other than being a bit spicy, it’s healthy! The beer you order with it will not be so healthy, but then, you’re in Mexico so who cares right?

Other Things to Eat if Seafood is Not your thing

3. Tlayudas – tlayudas are kind of like big Mexican pizzas. They originate as a huge tortilla slathered with pureed bean spread. Any kind of meat can go on top such as al pastor, pollo, cabeza, suadero, quesillo, or mixta (mixed). Tlayudas are usually topped off with avocado and tomatoes. They are served flipped in half similar to a hand-held donair or served flat just like a pizza.

Tlayudas are very flavorful. Chances are if you’re a fan of tacos you’re going to be a fan of tlayudas. Not a whole lot of difference except for the size.

A great place for tlayudas worth mentioning is Taqueria Sabor Del Taco in downtown La Crucesita. But this is not the only great restaurant, there are a lot of Mexican joints in Huatulco that serve tlayudas.

Tlayuda from Oaxaca

Best Food in Mexico: Things to Eat that Make you go Yum!

4. Tamales – ok these are totally my favorite! Tamales are made of masa dough and steamed in a Oaxacan corn husk or banana leaf!

These little flavor gems can be filled with meat, cheese fruit, chilies or any combination of the above. They’re eaten any time of day but traditionally in the morning. You can find them being sold on the street or at tamale stands but if you want to try some for dinner check out El Sabor de Oaxaca. This is my favorite restaurant for Oaxacan specialties in downtown La Crucesita. Tamales by my opinion, is some of the best food in Mexico!

5. Tacos de guisado – think of anything in a slow cooker. Tacos de guisado are tacos that can be made in one pot and stewed or cooked slowly, bringing out all the flavors. Any meat can be a “guisado” from pork shoulder to beef to conchinita pibil, picadillo with peas, squash and corn, chicken gizzards or chicken tinga.

Once the stewing process is complete, the guisado is spooned over corn tortillas. Add a bit of onion or salsa and voila! Mexican comfort food. The minute the last piece of this little morsel leaves your mouth you’ll be angling for a second one.

Tacos guisados are popular everywhere in Huatulco but if you want to have a rustic experience and a taco guisado, head down to Santa Cruz beach in the morning. You’ll find Emma and Arturo in their van in front of Santa Cruz beach selling tasty taco guisados. I used to live in the appartment above for about 6 months and saw them every morning in their red rambler. They’ve upgraded their vehicle but the tacos remain just as original as ever!

The one and only Oaxacan specialty

6. Mole Negro – originally from Oaxaca and considered to be the pride of Oaxaca, mole negro is as silky as molten chocolate. On my first visit to Mexico many years ago that’s exactly what I thought mole negro was. I bit into my chicken with a large helping of mole and promptly never had it again for many years. But when I did decide to revisit mole negro again I fell in love, and not only acquired a taste, I acquired a crazy craving for the stuff.

the best food in Mexico
mole negro an amazing thing to eat

Best served over chicken, mole negro is a silky black sauce consisting of raisins, cloves, pumpkin, cumin seeds and a few others. All these seeds toasted together is very labor intensive and makes you appreciate the flavors even more. Mole has got to be some of the best food in Mexico for sure!

Although you’ll find mole negro in various restaurants in Huatulco, El Sabor de Oaxaca, mentioned above, probably makes it the best. So dress up in your “huipil” and “huaraches” for dinner and give this place a try if you’re angling for authentic Oaxacan specialties.

So there’s my list for delicious things to eat in Huatulco. Which ones have I missed?

Looking for some hole in the wall restaurants? Check out the next article, the 8 best hole in the wall restaurants in Huatulco!

Happy Travels!


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