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Top 22 Souvenirs from Mexico to Stuff in Your Suitcase

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souvenirs from mexico

Haggling and bargain-hunting in Mexico is one of the best ways to save money. Buying souvenirs from Mexico, whether they be jewelry or some other folk art will make your trip that much more special!

We love trying out new markets and local artisan shops when we go on vacation and always see a variety of Mexican souvenirs. You’ll always find something interesting but below is our list of most popular Mexican souvenirs and the ones you should definitely be packing into your suitcase!

The Best Mexico souvenirs

Mexico is a land of many treasures and we’ve managed to find our favorite mexico souvenirs there. When it comes time for mexican gifts, Mexico always tops the list as one place where you can buy anything under the sun.

With its rich cultural history and unbeatable local cuisine,  Mexico is a country you won’t want to miss. And if you’ve had a truly spectacular trip you’ll want to bring back great souvenirs too. 

Below is our favorite souvenir list so when it’s time to give a special mexican gift or just pick out some fun presents while traveling around there’s no guesswork involved with finding what everyone will love best – it’s all here on one page.

1) Lucha libre mask

Lucha libre is Mexico’s wildly popular and entertaining form of professional wrestling, much like the USA’s WWE. Watching a lucha libre match can be one of the most fun things to do in Mexico! 

You’ll find the lucha libre mask everywhere – in street markets or at souvenir shops with an array of colors for you to choose from. 

They make great souvenirs from mexico and are a fun gift to give away to friends and family when you return from vacation.

2) Talavera pottery

Puebla is the place to go for all things Talavera. The colors, patterns and designs are what make this tradition so popular in Mexico – you’ll find it everywhere!

There’s no shortage of beautiful pieces here- pots or bowls can be decorated with anything from printable flowers to butterflies on their surface– just take your pick.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for the mexico souvenirs, there are plenty of options available all over Mexico.

You can find quality artworks at well established galleries with DO4 status stamped on the bottom—for those who care about this kind of thing it’s an assurance that they will be getting items officially designated as such by government regulations.

That means you will pay a higher cost for authenticity. But if price is what matters most and authenticity isn’t so important then go ahead and wander around markets where we guarantee something cheap yet still pretty darn good awaits.

souvenirs from Mexico

3) Tequila

Nothing says “Mexican fiesta” louder than margaritas! That’s why 100% agave azul tequila is a great Mexico souvenir to bring back from Mexico. 

The prices for tequila in Mexico are much cheaper and there is much greater variety in the types of drinks available – so if you need an extra special gift for someone, this will make them happy and one of the ideal mexican gifts.

If you prefer to keep the tequila as a Mexican gift for yourself, when you get home you can invite friends over and make some traditional Mexican drinks using top-quality Mexican spirits. It might be hard to get your friends to leave after a few tequilas. 

One popular brand name where you can’t go wrong is Clase Azul. The brand Herradura is even more expensive but well worth it if you want to splurge.

If you want to give mexico souvenirs as gifts and know your friends like alcohol you can’t go wrong with Mexican tequila ever.

4) Mexican glassware

And while you’re buying tequila, how about some margarita or shot glasses too? The most popular styles are clear Mexican glass with bright blue rims. But there are other colors available and green and red accents make them even more interesting!

5) Mezcal

The best way to enjoy mezcal is by heading to Oaxaca where you’ll find the most delicious bottles. Mezcal does have a smokier flavor than tequila or even Scotch whisky for that matter – it comes from agave plants after all!

One thing’s for certain though: if your adventure includes sampling some of these spirits than make sure you do it responsibly and don’t drink too much because this liquor packs a very high alcohol level and can be dangerous.

Next time you have friends over, offer them a shot of this sophisticated spirit and watch their faces light up as they take in its smoky flavors. Del Maguey makes some great mezcal that would be perfect for sharing with your buddies or gifting someone special- it’s hard to go wrong with mezcal from this company. Maybe you should grab more than one?

For something a little less expensive but just as tasty Yola is a reputable company that also has an array of different quality types of mezcal available.

6) Huipil

Huipils are the traditional clothing item that every girl dreams of having as Mexico souvenirs from her trip to Mexico. These cotton blouses stand out for their exquisite embroidery and beautiful patterns like flowers or butterflies on them- usually in vibrant colors!

You can find these handmade garments at any market around town – so don’t be shy when bargaining with vendors if you want an amazing deal on one (or five!).

You can always buy these long blouses to cover up your bathing suit, too, if you are looking for not only beautiful but practical gifts to bring home.

mexico souvenirs

7) Mexican chocolate

Mexican chocolate is among the finest in the world. Mexicans are known for their love of this delicious treat, and it’s no wonder why!

Mexican hot cocoa is extra special with a flavor of cinnamon that makes it one of my favorite Mexican specialties.

The best part is Mexican chocolate is easy to transport back home, you can bring the powdered chocolate mix or actual bars easily in your suitcase.

8) Molinillo

A molinillo is a Mexican culinary tool that resembles a wooden whisk. It’s used to create beautiful froth in traditional hot chocolate, and it can easily be brought back from the country tucked away in your suitcase.

A molinillo is an essential part of any Mexican souvenir package. The use of this whisk elevates your hot chocolate from just good to amazing!

9) Mexican blankets 

I love Mexican blankets! They’re a bit bulky to pack, but it’s totally doable. I should know – I’ve brought home a lot of them over the years. They are the ultimate mexico souvenirs.

Mexican blankets are always useful as an extra layer if you’re camping or outside at night. I have a permanent one on my balcony at home and grab it every time I sit outside in the evening to cuddle up in.

The best part about mexican blankets are that you can use them anywhere around your house because they’re so light weight yet cuddly all the same time…

10) Taxco silver jewelry

The City of Silver, Taxco is one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities and it’s renowned for its silver jewelry. The items originate from the mines in this town – but you can find silver jewelry all throughout Spanish speaking countries!

Silver jewelry is one of my favorite things to buy. The jewelry is always beautifully crafted with such care that even those small details like an etching date commemorate where each piece was made.

11) Mexican vanilla

Vanilla is a popular spice in Mexico. However, the best vanilla comes from farms near Tapachula and its called “Real Mexican Vanilla.” This makes it among one of most prized souvenirs for cooking enthusiasts to buy while abroad.

Don’t  be fooled by grocery store brands that say they sell “vanilla essence” because this product isn’t real. It’s just artificial flavorings made out of synthetic chemicals which smell like vanilla. 

If you want real vanilla you will have to pay a little bit more money but its definitely worth it to take home the real thing!

You will probably have to check out the specialty stores for real Mexican vanilla; it will cost more but worth it in the end to have a quality product.

12) Mexican coffee beans

If you’re a coffee drinker, the world’s largest producer of organic beans is right up your alley. Souvenirs from mexico include taking home a batch from a small farm that will keep giving you Mexican flavor long after you’ve come back from your actual vacation.

Coffee also makes an excellent gift that anyone can enjoy – and it’s a pretty neutral gift that can be given to just about everyone because who doesn’t love organic coffee?

13) Leather goods

When souvenir shopping for the perfect Mexican items to take back home, leather goods are always a great choice. You can find artisanal bracelets and other small accessories that will make excellent gifts from your trip!

You’ll definitely be coming home with an original and one of a kind leather sandals or handmade boots that you wouldn’t be able to find at home.

14) Barro negro pottery

Don’t forget to grab a piece of pottery from your trip! The black pottery variety is highly polished, and will make a great gift for someone back home. Other traditional types include more colorful ones like the green clay or red clay – they have their own unique look depending on what color pigments were used during production

If you’re looking for something truly special then be sure not to miss out on the amazing pieces made with black clay “barro negro” that are native to Oaxaca.

15) Achiote

For lovers of Mexican cuisine, achiote is one the best souvenirs you could get them. Achiote is a spice extracted from seeds of an orange-red tree (also known as annatto) and is used in all types of food preparation.

It has a signature reddish hue to give added flavor and depth to whatever you’re cooking. Achiote typically brings out the amazing flavors of pork and other meats.

If you’re making Mexican food, adding achiote to your dishes will make them go from awesome to spectacular.

Mexican souvenirs

16) Children’s toys

Are you looking for the most original toys in Mexico? 

Marionetas, or puppets have always been a favorite because they are interactive toys that really capture that magic feeling of childhood! Their spinning tops and little wooden trucks also make great mexico souvenirs as well. 

Hand-stitched dolls and animals are often given out during Christmas time. Children often receive them from grandparents alongside homemade candies instead of traditional wrapped presents.

17) Mexican musical instruments

Why not take your love for Mexico with you? Flutes, guitars and even hand-painted maracas are all available to bring home. You can have a mini Mariachi band  in your home country if you like.

What better way is there than having fun mexican souvenirs from this amazing country that has so much color in its culture?!

18) Mexican salsa

Salsa is by far the best Mexican condiment ever – but you probably already knew that.

And what better place to find this than in Mexico? There’s a wide range of salsas available including mildly spiced green tomatillo sauce (this is a staple in our house) or habanero hot red pepper strands for those who like their food extra firey… 

Whatever kind you choose make sure they’re labeled “salsas mexicanas” or there’s just no way of confirming if they’re really authentic.

You can also treat yourself with an exotic fruit variety, like delicious mango or pineapple salsa! So whether peppers or fruits, you’ll definitely find something for any of your fussy friends. And if they’re not too hungry first, this will definitely make them really happy.

 19) Mole sauce

Mouth-watering sauces are just a few of the many treasures that Mexico has to offer. And nowhere is this more true than in their signature mole sauce, which can be made from chiles, spices like cinnamon and cloves as well as tomatillos (a type of Apistic fruit).

There’s chocolate too! This rich concoction processes for hours until all ingredients come together at last into one delectable mix with an earthy flavor perfect on chicken or used on its own without any added sugar toppings

Whether you’re looking for a traditional chocolatey mole, or something completely different – there is surely something available as a great mexico souvenir.

From green moles made with pumpkin seeds and different yellow varieties – this dish has it going on!

20) Day of the Dead figurines

Dia de Los Muertos is a time for celebration in Mexico. The best part about these celebrations are the colorful figures that come alive on this day to honor those who have passed away and visually represent their memories with us still living . Often these figurines use flowers, sugar skulls or other symbols related specifically around death customs mythology.

Some of the most interesting pieces include authentic Day of the Dead figurines and they make great gifts for family and friends.

21) Beach wrap

The perfect addition to any beach day is the sarong. You can never have too many of these colorful wraps, and Mexico has some great deals for them!

The vendors on the beach are always offering discounts on clothes and wraps so be sure to haggle on the beach if you’re looking for some extra style.

You can’t go wrong with a few extra wraps, and they’ll make great presents for friends at home! Beach wraps are so light weight you won’t have any trouble fitting them in your luggage.

22) Huichol beaded jewelry

Another lovely souvenir idea for what to bring back from Mexico that’s not too expensive and easy-to pack is Huichol beaded jewelry. 

Made by an indigenous group of people who mostly live in the Sierra Madre Mountains – they specialize in intricate creations made from tiny colorful beads!

Traditional designs and precise craftsmanship make this piece a great way to show off your trip while also supporting traditional artisanship.

Now you know about the best souvenirs from Mexico!

So there you are – all the best items and Mexican souvenirs to bring home.

When you’re in Mexico, there is no shortage of unique items to buy. Once you get hooked on haggling your bargain instinct will take over and you’ll want to buy more than one item.

 You’ll be packing away more precious Mexican souvenirs than can ever fit into one suitcase – just make sure that you bring a big suitcase!

What Mexican souvenirs did I miss? Leave a comment below.

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October 27, 2021 9:30 pm

I like your ideas. However, I don’t agree about haggling. If you are buying from the makers, and you should, never haggle. I’ll say it again – Never haggle. These artisans deserve every penny they are asking. It is insulting to try to bargain them down.


October 28, 2021 2:57 pm

I agree with you, Deborah, that artisans do deserve what they are asking. So you must be selective with haggling depending on what you buy. There are some sellers that do raise the price unscrupulously so you would need to know the value of the object before entering into negotiations. I have also seen people haggle down as low as possible and be insulting to the seller. If you do haggle, be respectful. That being said, in Mexico, this is seen as a common practise.


November 1, 2021 3:41 pm

Thanks Shannon, discovered a few things! 😎👍

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