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El Callejon Del Beso: A Mexican Love Story

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El Callejon del beso

Mexico has many incredible places to visit, but one of the most famous is El Callejon del Beso or “Alley of the Kiss” in Guanajuato, Mexico.

This place has a rich history that goes back centuries and was once used for an ancient ritual known as “The Kissing Alley” where young couples would walk through together and kiss at the end. It’s now become a tourist attraction with visitors from all over the world coming to see it.

The story behind this location is very interesting and if you’re up for a Mexican love story keep reading!

The legend of The Kiss

So the “leyenda del callejon del beso” or legend of the kiss goes that Ana was a beautiful Spanish girl. She came from an elite family with strict social norms. Her father wanted her to marry into wealth and swore she would marry wealthy.

They lived in Guanajuato, Mexico and her father insisted on looking for a rich old Spanish nobleman to marry her off to. But unfortunately, life had other plans.

One day while walking in the street, Ana met and fell in love with Carlos. He was “the one” for Ana but unfortunately was about as as far from a rich nobleman as you could imagine. He was an impoverished miner who worked in the mines of La Valencia.

But Ana didn’t care because when you’ve found “the one” what does money matter right? She was desperately in love.

You see the problem here though, right?

El Callejon del Beso

Ana went against everything that society expected out of someone born into royalty and she would pay the highest price for that rebellion.

But not even gold could keep this couple apart. They snuck around on their romantic liaisons until ultimately, the rumours of romance reached the ears of Ana’s father.

He was furious and decided that the only way to keep her away from Carlos was to lock her in her room on the top floor of their high house next to a narrow alley.

The Tragic Conclusion to El Callejon Del Beso

Carlos’ heart was broken when he could no longer see Ana and heard that she was going to be forced into an arranged marriage with a Spanish nobleman.

He returned to the house to try and see her but it wasn’t possible. He did see that her bedroom was at the far end of an alleyway which faced onto another home just off-center from hers on either side and there were balconies facing both these homes too!

Carlos thought he found the solution to being with Ana. Desperate to not lose his young love, Carlos went straight away to the owner of the house next door and with his life savings offered to buy the house. The owner initially refused all offers but Carlos wasn’t going to be deterred.

El callejon del beso
El Callejon del beso

The owner kept raising the price until Carlos finally made the one offer that allowed him to own the house right next to his lost love. He scraped up every last cent he had in order to be next to his life love.

It all seemed to work out wonderfully. The couple was blissfully in love. They met every night over the balcony to passionately kiss and cuddle before going their separate ways for the evening, but everyone knows this was too good to last right?

One dark autumnal night, Ana’s father came into her bedroom and caught her kissing Carlos. With an absolute rage he stabbed his daughter with a dagger to the heart and she died instantly.

As Carlos tried to save her and jump onto her balcony he tripped and missed his landing. Unfortunately, he fell injured onto the steps leading down the staircase where neighbors found him dead later that day.


Visiting the Alley of the Kiss

Now, this romantic alleyway is one of Guanajuato’s most famous tourist attractions. If you’re the romantic sort, you can arrange a day tour.

It’s said that couples should stand on the third step (helpfully painted in red) and kiss to enjoy a lifetime of luck in love — which some say comes from Carlos himself!

The alley has now been dubbed one of the most romantic spots in Guanajuato.

Every day but mostly in February for Valentine’s Day, many couples stand and wait for their turn to stand on the third step, take a photo and kiss.

As of today, the bedroom where Ana lived is now a gift shop.

Couples can walk onto the balcony and write their names on small locks that they can attach to the balcony guaranteeing them many years of love.

The legend of the Alley of the kiss says that couples kissing on the third step will have 15 years of happiness. I don’t know what happens after that but I guess you’re on your own!

Where is the romantic alley located?

You can travel to this romantic alley near Cerro Del Gallo hill in Guanajuato, Mexico. The alley is in the center of Guanajuato. You’ll find that the distance between the buildings is just 66 inches wide. The architecture is 18th century & winding cobblestone streets.


Whether or not you choose to believe the story or not, there is no doubt that the Alley of the Kiss is a romantic and iconic place!

There’s something about Guanajuato that makes it feel like the City of Love. El Callejon del Beso, or “The Alley Of The KISS,” is one such place where people come to propose and pledge their love for generations.

What do you think? Is El Callejon del Beso on your list of places to visit?

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