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The Top 28 Facts About Mexican Food that’ll Knock your Socks off!

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Mexican food is so much more than tacos and burritos! The diverse range of dishes and food culture found in Mexico are proof positive that this country has something for everyone.

From rich, complex Oaxacan cuisine to Authentic Traditional cooking styles such as mole or frijoles negros (black beans), there’s no shortage when it comes to deciding what kind of meal will hit the spot on your taste buds.

Mexican Food Facts

So what’s the deal with traditional Mexican food, anyway? I mean other than its delicious flavor and beautiful colors, Mexican food does have some quirkiness.

Here are some fun facts you might not have known!

1. Mexican food has lots of fruits and vegetables

Many people associate authentic Mexican food with rice and beans, but the country is full of healthy vegetables.

Some unique crops found in Mexico include quintonil (a type of corn), chayote (vegetable pear) and cactus romeritos.

These are wild growing green plants which can be used for salads or served as side dishes. Pomegranates are also an important ingredient in many to many classic Mexican recipes including those involving sauces made from its seeds.

2. “Nacho” invented the Nachos

When talking about Mexican cuisine, you have to know some crazy facts about nachos.

“Nacho” is a very common nickname in Mexico and one night in 1943 Ignacio Anaya Garcia (known as “NACHO”) threw together ingredients for dishes that would eventually become known around the world.

Ignacio was a restauranteur in Piedras Negras, Mexico who needed to whip up a snack for some American military wives who were in town. His chef was away so he added whatever he could to his fried golden tortillas including cheese and jalapenos. The dish caught on in the US quickly and is now classified as Tex-Mex. But nachos are still uniquely Mexican.

3. The United States banned avocados

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) had a longstanding ban on the importation and exportation of avocados from 1913 to 1997.

The USDA finally lifted this 83-yearold restriction in order for Americans to access guacamole more easily, but only approved certain Mexican farms as suppliers which left out many states from being able enjoy these delicious fruits!

4. Mexico invented the Caesar salad

Who knew that the inventor behind one of America’s most popular salads was an Italian immigrant living in Mexico?

Collard greens have been consumed by Americans for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until 1924 when they were first served at Caesar Cardini’s restaurant in Tijuana.

Prohibition customers frustrated with the lack of alcohol crossed the border in 1924 to Tijuana. Caesar Cardini was so busy at his restaurant that he ran out of ingredients. He improvised adding ingredients to his salad. And lo and behold, the Caesar salad was born.

5. The best doughnuts are churros

Churros are a staple of Mexican cuisine, and it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t tried them at least once.

Some interesting facts about Mexican food is that churros were originally introduced into the country by Spanish settlers centuries ago; however today’s version is a smaller size than before so that we can enjoy our favorite fried dough snacks guilt-free!

You can dip your churros in chocolate sauce or dulce de leche (caramel cream), but what really makes these treats popular among many cultures across Latin America? The answer lies within its versatility—you can grab a churro anywhere and eat on the run. Being portable makes them very popular.

6. Tuna ice cream is very popular in Mexico

When you think of ice cream, do the words “fish” and “tuna” come to mind? If so then it’s time for a detour!

This tasty dish is actually made with burnt milk sugar…and prickly pear or nopales fruit which tastes something like an between-your teeth sensation when eaten raw.

But these fruits are actually mixed together in delicious creamy sorbet form . Truly delicious and not fishy at all!

7. Facts about Mexican food: Tomatoes are from Mexico

Italy, you’re not so famous after all! Even though your country is well known for its pasta sauces and foreigners often think of tomatoes as an Italian dish first thing when they hear “tomato,” it turns out that this fruit originated in Mexico.

The Spanish conquerors brought back samples from their travels to Mexico. The Aztecs had been using tomatoes since at least 1502 AD – over 200 years before anyone else on Earth knew what delicious things could be done with these little red gems called tomatoes.

8. Guacamole and testicles?

When the Aztecs discovered avocados in 500 BC, they named this fruit iahuatec – which means “testicle” or balls. Some people say that guacamole therefore means testicles sauce- but Mesoamerican language specialists have debunked this hypothesis!

9. You need to try these Mexican cooking gadgets!

These Mexican cooking gadgets are perfect for making your favorite Mexican food!

The two most popular tools used in Mexico are molcajete, which can grind up salsa or spices; and a molinillo (whisk) for making chocolate foam.

But what many people don’t know about these common kitchen items from Mexico is that they’re also employed by chefs all around the US and other countries when cooking their own version of gourmet meals.

10. Tamales are thousands of years old

You might think the the tamale is a new thing, but it’s been around for 8,000 years. The word “tamalii” stems from the Aztec language and means “something that is wrapped up.”

Today’s definition of tamale refers to a Mexican dish made with seasoned minced meat and corn flour. These are put into maize or corn husks before being steamed or boiled! Yum!

11. Mexican corn pie is delicious

Corn is such a staple in Mexico, it’s made into every possible dish.

For example the famous pan de elote or “bread of the little bird” which tastes like sweetened cream cheese with kernels baked inside– but has corn mixed throughout!

It may look similar to your typical American style cornbread: however this Mexican specialty contains no flour at all (just lots more sugar).

12. Beef stomach soup is pretty popular

Menudos are Mexican soups made from the stomach of a cow– goat too! But most Mexicans seem to love it. Why?

Well for one thing you need meat that’s been cooked with onions in order reduce the smell before eating. This is called tripe. There might also be beef feet and tendons added when the menudo is prepared. It is definitely a dish that grows on you!

13. Mexican food differs in the north and the south

The differences between northern and southern Mexico are vast. In the north, people prefer meat-based cuisine while in south there are more chicken and veggies eaten.

Instead of using meat as a main ingredient (like how Americans would), these dishes rely more on their tasty salsas than on the meat to make them taste better than ever!

14. What’s the difference between a fajita and taco?

Fajitas are made with grilled meat, served on top of vegetables and tortillas. They’re typically topped off by some tasty spices like cayenne pepper or chili powder that give them extra flavor!

A typical dish for this type of meal would be flank steak partnered up with bell peppers and onions in a tortilla.

Tacos are pretty similar but are mostly a small amount of meat and diced tomatoes or leafy veggies such as lettuce. Typically called salsa or “pico de gallo”. There are also usually a lot of different sauces to be added to tacos like salsa verde or salsa rojo. Delicious!

15. More than 50 billion tacos served

Mexico is a country of tacos, where more than 50 billion of these delicious Mexican delicacies are consumed every year.

Tacos are the most popular dish in this country and it’s no surprise that people love them! You can wash down your taco with some cold beer or margaritas to make it even better – just remember these little gems can be loaded with calories so don’t eat too many.

Americans are catching up to Mexico though..They eat more than 4 billion tacos per year.

16. Mole is not a rodent, but it is delicious!

The Mexican dish known as mole is a sauce typically made from fruit, chiles peppers and other spices. There are many different moles in Mexico with some sauces containing cinnamon or chocolate too!

The most famous type may be Puebla’s signature Mole poblano which combines roasted green chili peppers into its ingredients alongside cocoa powder for an amazing flavor that will make your taste buds go wild!!

17. Mexicans eat grasshoppers

Mexico is home to some truly unique food items, including insects. Grasshoppers are a delicious type of insect found solely in Mexico that many people enjoy eating!

They might be covered with chili powder and lime juice before they’re placed on top Mexican dishes like tacos or served as an appetizer by itself dipped into ranch dressing (or even worse — queso).

18. Chocolate and Chile is really a thing!

Hot peppers and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The heat from the chile pepper compliments dark cocoa beans beautifully; it’s not surprising that you can find candy bars with jalapeños in Mexico- they’re just too good!

19. Mexican hot chocolate can’t be beat – yes, its that good!

Mexican hot chocolate isn’t your everyday drink. It’s made with a rich, aromatic paste of ground cacao and sugar that gets mixed together to create an earthy flavor unlike any other type you may have tasted before!

The best part about it? You can order this special kind at just about any restaurant or cafe in Mexico.

I know lots of places that make good hot chocolate, but I personally think Mexican hot chocolate is the best. It’s not as smooth as the chocolate in Europe and has a grainy texture but the mixture of sugar, cacao and cinnamon gives it the best flavor.

20. Chocolate was born in Mexico

When the Spanish conquerers arrived in Mexico, they found that some Mexicans were already drinking a bitter Mexican chocolate chocolate drink mixed with spices.

The great Aztec emperor Montezuma II drank his hot cocoa from gold goblets! Some Aztecs added honey to their chocolate, kind of an early version of the first chocolate milkshakes.

21. The taco shell was not invented by Taco Bell

It turns out that the first taco was not invented in 500 B.C., but by 18th-century Mexican silver miners who ate them as they mined for ore deep within the Earth’s surface!

The widepread popularity of these tasty treats led Glen Bell into opening up what would eventually become known worldwide as Taco Bell. Although it is well known that Taco Bell is not too authentic.

22. Mexicans eat a lot of tortillas!

Mexican food facts say that there is a Mayan legend that says the tortilla was invented by a poor man trying to please his king. The thin, round flatbread from cornmeal made its way into Spanish culture where they were eaten for breakfast and snacks.

It turns out not only did these ancient Mayans create spectacular cities but also some pretty incredible innovations such as fried fish tacos (tacos). Thanks to the Mayans for this invention. In present-day,many Mexican families eat up to 2 pounds of tortillas a day!

23. You can celebrate National Taco Day!

Yep, National Taco Day in the U.S is in October but there’s also a Mexican tradition celebrating tacos on March 31 called ‘Dia Del Tiempo’ which means ‘day of time’ or more specifically “time” for food to be enjoyed before celebration day with family and friends!

Next time you want to take a day off work, tell your boss you have to celebrate National Taco Day!

24. Facts about Mexican food: You can only eat tacos for lunch, right?

Taco lovers across America go wild for tacos. These Mexican dishes are light and filling, but there’s so much more than just that!

Taco traditions state that tacos can only be eaten for dinner if you eat antojitos or “street food,” which includes meat such as chicharrones (fried pork).

Traditionally, tacos at lunchtime should always include seafood since lunch is of greater importance in Mexico than dinner.

But then, who cares right? Eat your tacos whenever you like.

25. You can put anything inside your tacos

There really is no need to follow all the rules we just talked about. You can put anything you want on your taco and it will still taste good!

In Mexico people eat their tacos with grasshoppers, eggs, kimchi, bbq or tripe. Many tacos are made from barbecued beef tongue, fish, pork and shrimp too. So you can add whatever suits your fancy.

26. There can be some weird things in Mexican food

In Mexico, you can find a variety of delicious and unique insects that are used as food.

Mexicans love preparing these creepy crawlies in their dishes like scrambled eggs with grasshopper guts or tacos filled with maguey worms!

They also enjoy eating flowers like pumpkin flower soup and yucca stews made from its petals too. You’ll also see them eating huitlacoche which are mushroom spores that grow on corn. These are frequently made into quesadillas.

27. Mexican desserts are served on special holidays

Mexico has a long tradition of cooking desserts that are enjoyed on special occasions.

One such dish, calabaza tacha (pumpkin cooked in rich caramel sauce), is served specially on November 2nd—the day called “Dia de los Muertos” honoring dead friends and family members.

While these traditions such as Day of the Dead do seem macabre at first glance they serve as reminders about how much we should appreciate what life offers us because death will come to everyone eventually.

28. You have to try the Tres Leches cake!

Even if you think that cake isn’t your thing, try the tres leches version and I bet after one bite you’ll be hooked too.

With its rich vanilla flavor punctuated by sweet whipped cream topping it’s impossible not to love this dessert!

This amazing cake is soaked in milk – such as evaporated or whole cream which are then mixed together until they form three different consistency levels. Try it once and you’ll be a believer!

So there you have it! Some fun facts about Mexican food that you may not have known before. Do you think Mexico is one of the best countries for food in the world?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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