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The Best Beach Clubs in Huatulco Mexico

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Huatulco is, of course, full of gorgeous beaches. But if you want to have a few more amenities while you lounge by the ocean you might want to try one of the local beach clubs. So what are the best clubs where you can get pampered in style in Huatulco, Mexico?

Since Huatulco isn’t a very large tourist area there aren’t a lot of clubs on this list. That being said, however there are a few that merit attention. Because Huatulco tends to have a rocky coast, there is a lack of availability for hotels to be right on the ocean. Hotels compensate for this by having their own pool clubs.

Usually the hotel will have transport to and from the beach every day to their own location by the ocean where you can relax on loungers and buy food and drinks. These clubs usually have their own pool as well. There may be a restaurant where a complimentary lunch or food is served depending on whether this is included in your vacation package.

That being said, what if you didn’t stay at an all inclusive resort and simply stayed at a villa rental or independent accommodation? Maybe you still would like a little pampering by the pool and don’t know what place to check out? Well worry not, I’ve got them all laid out for you below. I’ve been to most of these beach clubs in Huatulco so the opinions expressed are based on my personal opinion. You might not agree and that’s ok too.

1. Sea Soul – Chahue Bay

Cost: Expensive: around $24 US which includes a $9 US (approx) food credit for the onsite restaurant, Clio’s Huatulco

This is a fairly new beach club at Chahue Bay which is a beautiful bay but not very swimmable. The pool club is more upscale and a little more expensive than the other beach clubs but to their credit, they do include a food voucher for their restaurant which has had very good reviews.

beach clubs
sea soul beach club

The pool and view of the beach is beautiful and very relaxing. The sea soul also has a yoga and dance studio as well as a membership fee for various activities. This is a beautiful beach club and if price is not an issue I would definitely recommend.

2. La Isla – Chahue Bay

Cost: Inexpensive ($5-8 US approx). This price is approx and may have changed since I was last there.

The La Isla Beach Club belongs to the La Isla Hotel and is included in the cost of their nightly hotel rate. That being said as with all beach clubs, anyone can visit if willing to pay a small daily charge to use the facilities.

The La Isla Beach Club is located on Chahue bay as well. This area tends to have most of the pool clubs on it. It is a rough and stunningly gorgeous bay but is not very swimmable, thereby making a club a great option for the day as long as you don’t need to swim in the ocean a lot.

The pool has a nice restaurant and lovely pool facing the ocean. They also have day beds to sprawl out on and lounge in front of the ocean with a book. When I first went to this club it was brand new and all facilities were lovely. Unfortunately the second time I visited the quality had seemed to deteriorate a bit. This could be because it needed a bit of maintenance, paint etc so I don’t know that this situation is still ongoing. The music tended to be very loud as well so if you are looking for complete relaxation this may not be the right choice.

That being said, these are small issues. The food itself was good and the location and scenery as well as the pool were great, large and refreshing.

UPDATE: As of August 2021 this pool club is closed.

3. Castillo – Chahue Bay

Castillo Beach Club
castillo beach club

Cost: Inexpensive (between $5-10 US)

The Castillo is the Hotel Castillo’s ocean club and is one of the oldest clubs in the area. The Hotel Castillo has daily transport to the beach club and the cost is included in their all-inclusive rates.

That being said everyone is welcome for a small daily fee. This is a smaller beach club with not a very large pool and not a lot of space. But it is still pleasant and a good option if you have kids as there is a playset.

The beach and beach loungers are in front of the beach club where the restaurant also is. The food and drinks are reasonable and good and the beach club is well kept up. I have been here countless times and I do enjoy this beach club. Just a word of warning to make sure you go early in the day because depending on the season you may not get a beach chair due to the size of this beach club.

4. Beach Clubs Niru – Santa Cruz

santa cruz beach club

Cost: day passes available (price unknown)

This brand new beach club belonging to the Hotel Binniguenda is on the hill in Santa Cruz Beach. I haven’t actually been here yet but from all accounts its a very nice club.

The beach club has the regular buffet items or food a la carte, drinks and an area for kids to play. The pool is stunning overlooking the entire Bay of Santa Cruz. It has jacuzzi pools as well as cabana areas (at an additional cost).

This beach club is definitely on my list of next places to check out. It’s also just a 5 minute walk from our villa as well. From all accounts this is a gorgeous beach club and further development including appartments will soon follow.

What’s great about these beach clubs is that they’re all within 5-10 minutes taxi of each other. In fact, all three except Niru are within walking distance of each other. Niru, which is in Santa Cruz, is only a 5-10 minute taxi drive to the other beach clubs. But if you’re staying in Santa Cruz you are within close walking distance.

There are various hotels as well that charge daily rates to hang out for the day at their pools too. Rates and availability does change so it’s always good to make a quick phone call to see what the charges are and if they provide day passes.

So there you have it! Get your beachwear on and visit the best pool clubs in Huatulco. What do you think? Do you have a favorite one?

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Clubs – La Isla Beach Club is closed


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