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6 Thrilling Things to Do in Huatulco, Mx (must do #4)

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There are so many thrilling things to do in Huatulco, Oaxaca. Check out any travel forum and they’re list all the activities available. And while most of them are really enjoyable things to do on vacation, I really wanted to point out the 6 amazing and fun huatulco activities that I think are the MOST FUN and will really give you a bang for your buck!

Things to Do In Huatulco: Try a Moonlight Kayak

Huatulco is a place of beautiful nature, with 36 beaches and 9 bays. You could stay for a month and try a different beach every day if you wanted to. But there is a company in Huatulco that provides some interesting experiences.

things to do in Huatulco

Aventura Mundo provides Moonlight Kayaking trips. This a super peaceful but thrilling way to enjoy the gorgeous bays and a thrilling thing to do. Enjoy the different flora and fauna that the area offers. Good chance you’ll see some ocean life too. I love the turtles especially! Can’t beat the gracefulness of these clunky creatures when they’re in the water!

Have a Thrilling MudBath (and get really dirty!)

Heading out to La Bocana beach is another one of the super fun activities you can do in Oaxaca! It’s a gorgeous beach about 15 minutes from Santa Cruz and should cost around 6 to 8 dollars by taxi from the hotel area in Tangolunda.

This beach is basically known for its gorgeous waves and is popular with surfers. Just having a drink at a restaurant on the beach and watching the surf is a great pastime.

But if you want to have a bit more of an authentic experience, ask anyone about the mud baths of La Bocana!

things to do in Huatulco, Mx

The original mud baths were thought to be medicinal by the Zapotecas, Mayans and Aztecs. They even thoughts the mud baths had healing powers.

You can now get a traditional mud bath by the “Women of the La Bocana Cooperative” on the beach. The women who give you these mud baths are from the village and are descendents of the Zapotecs. The cost is minimal (at time of writing around $10) and tips are always appreciated in Mexico.

You might not be magically “healed” but you definitely will have softer skin and a pretty cool, if really messy, experience! This is definitely one of the thrilling things to do that is fun as a couple too!

Take a Horseback Riding Tour

Horses may or may not be your thing but for many people one of the most relaxing things activities in the tropics is horseback riding on the beach.

things to do in Huatulco
horseback riding on a Mexican beach

If this is right up your alley you might want to take a horseback riding tour on the beach of La Bocana.

This is an adventure with experienced guides. You’ll ride on the beach of La Bocana and see a lot of flora and fauna and the nature of the area. This is around 3 hours with time spent on the beach to relax as well.

If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person and want to do something with a partner this might be an activity for you as a couple. Rancho Caballo De Mar provides all the horses, guides and services.

You probably want to make sure you’re a little familiar with horses before doing this activity! No one wants an accident when they’re on vacation! Big downer!

Take a Romantic Sunset Cruise

Ok, this is one thing to do I’ve personally done and really recommend as one of the top most romantic things to do in Huatulco, Mx. If romance is in the cards, this is a beautiful and thrilling experience to have with your partner.

The Velero Luna Azul is a family-run business and is an amazing sailboat. The sunset cruise is a gorgeous way to snorkel and have sunset views. Light snacks and beer are usualy provided in the cost of this sail.

I think there’s nothing more romantic and thrilling than sailing into the marina after a quiet evening on the water. The sunset and the ambiance is “muy romantico”! This is a very relaxed experience and almost guaranteed you’ll see dolphins, turtles and other ocean life!

Book a Spa and Temazcal

Booking a spa and Temazcal experience in Huatulco is a no-brainer! La Casa Del Sol Spa y Temazcal is a service I personally get as much as possible cause I feel super relaxed, anxiety-free and have a great sleep afterwards!

A Temazcal is a little igloo-shaped hut usually made out of cement. A temezcal ceremony would normally be held with a shaman and up to two hours of chanting. But at the spa, this isn’t done.

Once you get inside there are volcanic rocks in the floor of the igloo that produce steam after water is poured on them.

Herbs such as sage and copal are also added which adds to the cleansing process. Combine the spa with a fresh mudbath, shower and massage afterwards and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

Take a Panga to San Augustin Bay

Take a what to where? A panga to Augustin Bay…

OK first of all, a panga is an ocean fishing boat that is very sturdy and can ride the rough waves. I’ll post a photo below.

So now that you know what it is…

You’ll want to just ask at the marina in Santa Cruz the price to go to San Augustin for the day. The boat will take you there and pick you up at the end of the day. Remember to negotiate the best rate. Mexico is a land of “deals”.

And if you want to stay close to the marina (within walking distance) check out La Vivienda Villa which is our home in Mexico! We can even arrange a tour for you if you’re feeling too lazy to do it..

Once you’ve arranged the date you want to go you’ll take the panga to San Augustin which is a stunning beach about an hour by boat. There are little restaurants, hammocks and fantastic snorkelling at this beach.

On the way, you’ll pass the unoccupied beaches of La India and Cacaluta which are pristine and gorgeous. This is not a time to forget your camera!

You’re definitely going to enjoy your day at San Augustin as I personally love this long beach even for taking a stroll. The panga will be back to pick you up at whatever time you want. I highly suggest spending an afternoon or all day here!

So there you have it! My hubby and I have done almost all of these activities and some of them I continue to do often cause I love them so much! But mostly, because as I’m a worry-wart, they relax me completely.

There’s a lot of other things to do in Huatulco, Mx so you’ll have your choice of things to do. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great time anyway cause that’s just the kind of laid-back, amazing place it is!

Happy Travels!

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