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The Best Haciendas of Mexico: How to Stay In the Most Beautiful Places

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haciendas of mexico

Haciendas of Mexico number in the hundreds, and each one is a unique memorial to the country’s history. Spain invaded this land with their colonization beginning in 1519. These beautiful houses offer a look back to when Mexico was first settled by Spanish settlers.

How Did Haciendas Start ?

The Spanish were not the first to settle in Mexico, but they were ancestors for generations. They established a colony that is now known as the “Spaniards” and granted lands of their own through petitioning or taking the native people’s property!

These land grants started off small at first with just one thousand acres given out here or there – yet over time these tiny pieces grew into big estates.

More land land acquisition happened too when families paid tribute money to King Carlos II . This bribe kept the King happy and he could also receive taxes from gold shipments coming through New Spain.

Beautiful Mexican estates were eventually built on this land and were called Haciendas.

What was the Hacienda system?

The hacienda system was the large estate that was owned by wealthy land and slave owners. The estate was often worked by indigenous people who were forced to provide labor for the landowners.

Workers were required to grow crops and raise livestock in order to sustain the plantation, which could produce valuable goods like sugarcane or coffee beans. Those who lived on the estates were usually not allowed to leave, and many died from hard work and poor living conditions.

The hacienda system played an important role in shaping Latin American society, since it helped shape regional economies and social hierarchies.

For instance, the system of slavery that was integral to the hacienda system meant that people of African descent were often at the bottom of the social ladder.

The hacienda system also resulted in a great deal of land concentration, as a small number of wealthy landowners held vast tracts of land.

This uneven distribution of land led to problems like poverty and inequality, which continue to plague Latin American countries today.

Haciendas of Mexico: Why did the Spanish build haciendas?

The Spanish built these estates in Latin America for a number of reasons. First, the climate was ideal for farming and ranching. Second, the land was plentiful and available for purchase. Third, the Spanish were able to tap into existing indigenous communities to provide labor for the haciendas.

The haciendas became huge bustling operations during the 1700s, with construction growing from simple houses to elaborate grounds. The estate’s size increased as well; it could house up 200+ workers and even more animals in addition to buildings for those who worked there or lived on-site. The haciendas typically included not only homes and outbuildings, but also large tracts of land used for farming or ranching.

The Spanish used the haciendas to produce crops and livestock for export back to Spain. They also used the haciendas to house indigenous workers who were employed to maintain the property and care for the animals.

These large properties operated like communities within themselves–with their own stores that sold goods and some even had their own churches so they were like their own small town.

The haciendas were an important part of the Spanish economy in Mexico and helped to make the country one of the most prosperous colonies in the Spanish Empire.

What is the significance of the haciendas?

The beginning of the end for the great haciendas of Mexico began with the Mexican revolution. In 1910, Mexico underwent a painful transition from an old regime to something new and different as Pancho Villa’s revolutionary army launched raids on rich estates that had been loyal to Apaza (the president at time).

The massive lands they occupied were eventually given back to the people and the history and grandeur of these once-magnificent by royalty estates faded into legend.

Afterwards, some haciendas were rebuilt and continued to function at a fraction what they had been prior to the revolution while others simply became residences or ruins that lay on Mexico’s map. However, in later years many haciendas in Mexico were purchased by individuals who intended to restore them to their previous glory.

Many have been converted into upscale hotels and you can enjoy this piece of history by staying in them when visiting Mexico.

By staying in a hacienda you can imagine you’re a member of a rich family, living in luxurious splendor. You have your very own Mexican cattle ranch with over 400 members on staff and an expansive compound that spans across two hundred acres! Your every need is catered to by skilled staff.

The haciendas Mexico offer more than just stunning scenery; each property has its own individual character which makes it feel like home away from home. It’s up to you to choose the one that matches your personal preference the best.

The Best Mexican Haciendas

Looking to stay in a luxurious Mexican getaway that won’t break the bank? The historic haciendas of mexico offer guests a taste of authentic Mexican culture, plus all the modern amenities they could want.

From sprawling estates to cozy mountain hideaways, there’s sure to be a hacienda perfect for your next vacation. So put on your sombrero and get ready for a luxurious vacation south-of-the-border!

Below are some of the most well-known and beautiful haciendas in Mexico that now cater to guests. They are located in different areas of Mexico’s vast country so depending on where you want to go, you may be able to stay in a beautiful estate and feel like you’re living in Mexico’s glorious past.

1. Hacienda Uayamon

Hacienda Uayamon: courtesy of Tripadvisor

Hacienda Uayamon is a colonial hacienda located close to Campeche, Mexico. It was once a sugar plantation owned by the rebellious priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who led an uprising against Spanish rule before his death in 1811. The property is now part of a national park and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It offers a spa and outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi and Mayan-style suites with woven cotton hammocks.

2. Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas

Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas: courtesy of Tripadvisor

We all know Mexico is a beautiful country, but it’s even more stunning when you get to experience its culture firsthand. If your travel itinerary includes Morelos State and Acapulco then make sure not to miss out on this hotel!

The Hacienda San Gabriel was originally built for the Spanish colonizers who arrived in 1519 by way of ship carrying goods from Spain including wheat, barley as well as horses which were key resources needed during that time period.

Because there were no roads connecting rural areas with cities at that time everything had be shipped-in via sea.

This elegant 5-star hotel has 2 swimming pools, tennis and paddle courts and a games room with billiards. The spa has a typical Temazcal sauna and many beauty treatments are available.

3. Hacienda de San Antonio

Hacienda de San Antonio: courtesy of Tripadvisor

Hacienda de San Antonio is a real 19th century haciendita with 25 suites. It’s situated within 470 immaculate acres in Comala, the state of Colima. The Hacienda also has its very own organic farm and coffee plantation!

22 Suites & 3 Grand ones provide various views over the river valley or garden- all equally luxurious yet individually decorated with Mexican arts and crafts available for your enjoyment.

4. Hacienda Xcanatun

Hacienda Xcanatun: courtesy of Tripadvisor

Hacienda Xcanatun is a 15-minute drive from downtown Merida in the Yucatan state, and it feels like you’ve stumbled upon an old Mexican village in the middle of nowhere. The hacienda dates back to the 18th century.

Hacienda Xcanatun hotel has 18 spacious and tastefully-appointed suites. All of them are decorated with local artworks as well as making you feel like you’ve travelled back over 300 years ago!

The hacienda is surrounded by lush vegetation which highlight the beauty of the region. The bright tropical flowers stand out against the colorful surroundings. Truly a beautiful hacienda to enjoy in Mexico.

If you’re looking for an amazing Mexican vacation spot that offers luxurious accommodations and stunning scenery, look no further than a the haciendas of Mexico. Whether you choose to stay in a traditional hacienda or opt for one of the many modern variations, you’re sure to have an unforgettable vacation experience.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with friendly people and delicious food this is probably the vacation for you. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Mexico, a hacienda vacation offers a special glimpse into Mexican culture that you won’t find at a resort.

Have you ever stayed at a hacienda or another type of unique accommodation? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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