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Amazing Things to do in Huatulco in a Day

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We’re all looking for some amazing things to do in Huatulco in Huatulco, Oaxaca when we book those precious couple of weeks for vacation (or longer if we’re lucky!)

Huatulco is the perfect place for couples and singles to relax and a holiday in Huatulco is a great idea. But I think it’s especially good for couples that are busy most of the time in their own country, working and raising kids.

Whether you have younger kids or teenagers like me, there’s something for every age group! You can find some amazing things to do in Huatulco and have an “incredible kids day in huatulco”, depending on your preference!

families with kids
families with young children

What’s Great About Huatulco anyway?

Huatulco in Oaxaca, Mexico isn’t a hot-spot or a raving party place like other destinations. And since my husband and I don’t do the party life anymore, that’s fine by me.

If you’re looking for a place to party until dawn and drink your face off then Huatulco is probably not your place (although you could still drink your face off if you wanted to!)

Although this little town does have some party places, Huatulco isn’t a place to go to party til’ you drop. It’s a place to relax and rejuvenate!

Huatulco is a smallish town with a lot of beautiful beaches, 36 to be exact. And it’s NOT commercialized. Big Bonus there! So although you might find a Domino’s pizza and perhaps a Starbucks (I think it’s being built now!) you won’t find all the brands and franchises of home…Which is a good thing ,believe me!

What you WILL find in Huatulco is an authentic Mexican town with a lot of Mexican businesses. Huatulco still has all the amenities you need like supermarkets and liquor stores, though. It has all the infrastructure you need to feel comfortable. No dirt roads here!..Well, maybe a few somewhere but not a lot..

Huatulco is the kind of place that is quaint and relaxing.

First thing to do in the morning

If you’re staying in Santa Cruz which I personally think is the best place to stay in Huatulco, you’ll get up and and amble downstairs for a cup of coffee. Then sit by the pool and lazily listen to all the very loud and tropical birds. If you’re staying at La Vivienda Villa in Santa Cruz, our housekeeper will have your coffee waiting!

If you’d like to get out right away, take a morning walk down to the zocalo (little park in the middle of Santa Cruz) and have some of the local coffee at the little kiosk in the park.

Sit right in the middle of a lovely little area and listen again, to the birds. Yup, those darn birds again…But you can’t help listening to them in Huatulco only because they’re so loud!

Cafe Huatulco in Santa Cruz Huatulco
Cafe Huatulco in Santa Cruz Huatulco

Time for the beach

It’s time for the beach! Once you’ve had your leisurely coffee or breakfast it’s time for the beach! Yes I said it twice…I love the beach!

You’ve got over 36 beaches to choose from but if you don’t want to travel too far you could walk down to Playa Santa Cruz or take a taxi to Playa Maguey or Playa Entrega which are just a few minutes away from Santa Cruz Huatulco.

The choice is endless for beaches. But let’s say for example, you head out to Playa Maguey (personally, my favorite!). This is a large beach with lots of little palapa restaurants serving seafood, beer and other specialties.

You’ll be approached by a lot of different Mexicans when you arrive, and they’ll all want to take you to “their” restaurant on the beach which is the “best”! To be honest, I would like to give business to all of them but its not possible in one day. Of course, if you go back many times, spread yourself out. The locals will thank you…

So choose the best place on the beach for yourself and enjoy!

After Maguey Beach

After the beach you’ll probably want to come back to your accommodation. Hopefully, you stay with us at our villa in Santa Cruz but whatever you choose, there is plenty of accommodation.

Come back and have a dip in the pool or maybe a nap? The options are endless and after all, it’s your vacation so I’ll leave the details to you!

Restaurants in Huatulco

So by this time you’re ready for dinner right? Your day in Huatulco isn’t over yet.

Depending on where you’re staying , you may have a kitchen to prepare your own meal or decide to go out. Whatever you decide, there are a ton of options in Huatulco.

La Crucesita, the little town inland, has lots of restaurants. Some notable ones which I’ve tried personally are Mama Mia which is great for pizzas, etc. Also notable is Rocoto which has great food as well.

Depending on what you want to eat and you’re budget you might want something cheaper (yup, we’re talking tacos, of course!). Check out Los Parados for some basic and budget friendly tacos.

The possibilities are endless cause Huatulco has a lot of choices!

My Perfect Day in Huatulco

So there you have it! You’re (and my) perfect day in Huatulco! Not a lot to do but of course modify as much as you like…

Beaches, pool, beer dinner and maybe the perfect sunset for me is always the way to go to get real relaxation and chill right out! But, not everyone’s the same and if you’re looking for something with a little more action, check these 6 thrilling things to do in Huatulco and have a ball!

Happy Travels!

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Greg Maddox

May 27, 2021 11:12 pm

I was in Hualtulco in August 2019. I loved it! I don’t like big cities or party towns. I retired this year and have a few more things to take care of before I can come. I’m hoping by August again. When I come it will be to stay and begin a new life. And yes I will be staying at LaVivienda. See you soon. Greg Maddox.


May 28, 2021 2:51 am

Greg, Yes Huatulco is a pretty laid back town. And having lived there for a year it’s a great retirement area with quite a few expats as well. Just be prepared to be in shorts and flipflops all the time cause its hot!

We can’t wait to have you stay with us at La Vivienda! Thanks for your support!

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