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Weather In Mexico in August: Is Huatulco Mexico too Hot?

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weather forecast for Huatulco Mexico

Huatulco is a small port on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It is located in the state of Oaxaca, very close to some other popular Mexican tourist destinations like Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel. It’s a tourist destination itself, but you might want to know what is the weather in Mexico in August? Or any other time of year for that matter.

This gorgeous little beach town tends to be popular with Canadians and Americans, but also attracts a lot of citizens from Mexico itself.

Canadians and Americans are drawn to the subtropical temperatures in the area especially from December through April when snow and cold blankets their home countries.

Tourists from Mexico City also enjoy Huatulco as the climate in Mexico City can be quite chilly at times. The Oaxacan coast makes for a hot and beautiful beach destination that Mexicans also enjoy.

What is the weather forecast for Huatulco Mexico?

The weather throughout the year in Huatulco can be described as humid with sunny skies, high temperatures, lots of rainfall, and a high percentage of humidity.

The most humid months are from May to September, while the hottest months are from July through October. These are also the rainiest months as well so it is not advisable to travel there at this time because of poor weather conditions.

Although the term “poor weather conditions” is relative. The weather is still hot and beach-worthy but you may have some tropical showers during the day.

My experience was that tropical showers would come fast and furious and then depart just as quickly. The difference is that the rain showeers are torrential and can be a little alarming with thunder and lightning that sometimes feel a little terrifying.

What is the best time to visit Huatulco Mexico?

Huatulco is a very popular destination among tourists, which makes it difficult to choose the best time to visit Huatulco. The weather in Huatulco can change slightly from month to month, depending on the season.

Temperatures are subtropical all year round. There is no need for jackets or sweaters. However, if you’ve been in Huatulco for any length of time you’ll become aware of the seasons.

For example, between November and March or April temperatures are high throughout Huatulco and many Canadian and American tourists visit to relax and vacation.

On the other hand, many people come to Huatulco for surfing and wind sports in January and February because of higher winds throughout that time of year. However, although winds might be higher the temperature is still tropical.

Is there a rainy season in Huatulco?

The rainy season is from June to October. Thunderstorms can happen after heavy rains but these storms do not usually last long. September and October are pretty wet months and can also be quite humid.

The winter season, from November until May is characterized by less rain with moderate humidity. The weather forecast for Huatulco Mexico also varies depending on the time of year; it’s slightly cooler during winter and warmer during summer. Although slightly cooler generally means just a couple of degrees cooler.

weather in Mexico in August

Weather conditions in Huatulco Mexico

The weather in Mexico in August is pretty hot and humid but May is considered to be one of the most humid months in this beach town when temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius. It can feel much hotter though. The coldest month (although still quite hot in my opinion) is January when temperatures will go up to 26 degrees Celsuis.

The wettest month does tend to be June with an overall average of 153 mm of rain.

Weather in Mexico in August: Is the water warm in Huatulco?

The weather forecast for Huatulco Mexico for the ocean is at its highest in August and is at its “coldest” in January. The water temperature overall can go down as low as to 23 degrees Celsius over the year but is still beautiful for swimming all year round.

Weather conditions in Mexico beach towns

The weather throughout other beach towns in Mexico is very similar; the difference is that you might experience slightly more rainfall and cooler temperatures during winter months in some regions of Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta, where November and December usually bring new record lows.

For example, in Manzanillo (on the Pacific Coast) the month of December has average temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius, while in Puerto Vallarta (on the Gulf Coast), temperatures at this time are slightly higher averaging 22-24 degrees Celsius.

Huatulco is closer to the equator as well so the temperature stays pretty hot consistently.

How is the Huatulco Climate overall?

Huatulco experiences all four seasons throughout the year, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which makes it a great place to visit throughout the year. Although if you are Canadian or American bear in mind that these seasons don’t have a lot in common with those in your home country.

Keep in mind that during this time there can be occasional storms and heavy rainfall (these usually pass quickly), and if you would like to avoid these types of weather then traveling to Huatulco from November to March is probably a better choice.

Huatulco climate data

The best time to visit Huatulco varies greatly depending on the type of activities you wish to do during your holiday. For example, if you’re looking to go on a surfing vacation in Huatulco then January and February would be the best time to plan your trip with higher winds throughout that time of year.

How hot does it get in Huatulco?

Starting in late spring, temperatures can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius or slightly higher during the day with a good possibility of rainfall and thunderstorms now and then. The weather in Mexico in August and other summer months are very hot with temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius at times, but you can go swimming almost all days of the year.

Huatulco beach

Is Huatulco considered tropical?

Huatulco is considered subtropical, however it’s much warmer than many other tropical regions in the world. This makes Huatulco an ideal destination for travellers who are looking for sun and warmth.

This is the main reason it is a top choice for Americans and Canadians who want to avoid the cold and snow during the winter seasons in their home countries.

Should you consider Huatulco Mexico for vacation?

Yes, I think Huatulco is a perfect destination for anyone looking to travel in the winter with the added benefit of beautiful sunny warm days.

And if you’re not sure what to bring to this destination check out What to Pack for Mexico: A Tropical Packing List

That being said, if the heat is bothersome to you and you don’t like to feel too hot it might be best to be avoided for somewhere with cooler temperatures.

Let me know if I’ve missed out anything! Safe travels!

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