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mexican candies

The Absolute Best Mexican Candies: What is Pulparindo Anyway?

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mexican candies

The absolute best Mexican candies are always the most popular. Buyers can find these delicious treats at any grocery store or convenience story in their area, and they’ve been a staple for over two decades!

There’s no better way to taste Mexico than with authentic candy made right here in Mexico by confectioners who know what tradition is all about. With flavors like strawberry, coconut cream pie, pineapple apple crumble cake. You’ll be blown away when you reach realize that the candy in Mexico isn’t ordinary hard candy but so much more delectable!

Mexican candies are a melting pot of flavors and fruit that you can’t find anywhere else. From the fiery spices to different tropical fruits, Mexican candy is full of diversity in taste! Check them out below in no particular order, whether you like sweet chocolate or a touch of chiles.

1. Rebanaditas

Rebanaditas are spicy and sweet watermelon lollipops that will have you licking your lips. The center isn’t coated in sugar but an acidic chili powder which tingles your tongue as it melts away into a delicious tasting watermelon flavor.

I’ve seen some kids dunking them for 10 minutes before eating them giving time to enjoy both flavors equally without getting burnt by its spiciness or annoyed with how long they took too eat.

2. Vero Mango

If you love watermelon-flavored candies but are looking for a different flavor, then opt for Vero Mango instead. The raspy spiciness of its chili coating will make it much more difficult to lick your way around the surface than Rebanaditas’ sweetness does. But once you get past that initial obstacle and down into the mango center, there is an incredible fruity taste waiting with every bite!

3. Pelon Pelo Rico

Pelon Pelo Rico is a tamarind pulp candy, but with the consistency of runny hair. The delicious push pop style snacks are filled with sweet tamarind that can be pushed up out like Play-Doh hair salon sets. This is a pretty interactive kids candy!

best mexican candies
mexican candy gummies

4. Pulparindo

This Mexican candy has a sweet taste that in popularity, is one of the best mexican candies in Mexico. Pulparindo means “to suck” and the candies are meant to be sucked, not chewed or bitten into so they don’t lose their sweetness. The best part of these treats? They’re made with chili powder which gives them an extra kick!

Pulparindos from Baja California have been known for years as one of those delicious snacks you can buy on the street but did you know why it’s called pulparindo?

It comes from two words: “pulpando,” meaning to squeeze out something like juice; and what we call sin huesillo, when someone sucks some tasty fruit without biting into it.

5. Jovy Chili Rokas

Jovy Chili Rokas are a Mexican candy with an assortment of tasty hard candies balls and spicy chili filling. These small, wrapped treats come in many flavors to suit every taste bud; from sweet strawberry-papaya for the young ones, all the way up to hot habanero pepper spice level for adults!

Each piece is individually sealed so that it stays fresh until your next craving hits you. If you like sweet or savory, there is a piece of this candy for everyone.

6. Pollito Rostizado

Obviously, the majority of these candies have as their showstopper, the chili powder. Most people feel, without a doubt, that they are the best Mexican candies. But if you’re squeamish about spicy food or just don’t want any on your tongue whatsoever (and I totally understand since I’m hit and miss about chile flavors), reach for Pollito Rostizado instead–a lollipop with mango flavor and shaped like a rotisserie chicken!

7. Sevillana Obleas or Aldama Obleas

Have you ever tried these Sevillana Obleas wafer candies that sandwich a filling of sweetened goat’s milk? The name Oblea means “wafer” in Spanish and is said to originate from Spain.

Cajeta, which can be translated as something like ‘creamy’ or even velvetty’, comes from the word queso meaning cheese; it has many variations with different flavors but ranges between semi-sweet and very sweet depending on what kind you get. If one brand isn’t your cup of tea, experiment with other brands for an equally delicious experience!

8. Pica Fresa and Pica Gomez

Tamarind is associated with a sour flavor, but the Pica Gomas and Pica Fresa provide just enough tang to balance out all of that sweetness. The gummies come in different flavors: mango, strawberry, and original tamarind; their small size makes them perfect for children looking for something sweet without having to worry about choking on gumballs or jellybeans!

Mexican candies

9. Lucas Gusano

Lucas Gusano is a tamarind candy that’s even more liquefied than Pelon Pelo Rico. It has heat and squeezes out of a small plastic bottle with ridges shaped like an accordion. “They call it gusano because the way it expands and contracts, sort of like a worm.”

10. Las Glorias Sevillanas

In Mexico, Las Gloria’s are considered a traditional delicacy. They come in two flavors: sugar-free and cajeta with nuts. The sugar-free ones are actually pretty tasty – they’re soft and squashy like no other candy we’ve tasted before!

We’ve had trouble pinning down the exact flavor – some thought it was reminiscent of Christmas while others said that it reminded them more of Easter time sweets than any holiday treats from their own country. Needless to say, all agreed that both tastes were scrumptious (the nutty one being especially delicious).

11. Mexican Candies: Pastillas Inspireka Konstru-Y dulces

This Mexican company makes an edible version of a children’s toy. If you’re looking for something to take home with the kids, this is it! This type of candy doesn’t have flavor but kids don’t really care and are always excited when they can buy treats from from INspireka by Konstru-y.
This isn’t your usual ‘Mexican flavour’ – in fact it has nothing at all that ties into Mexico itself; but once again the key here is making these candies fun while not tasting like anything.

12. Vinarines

Vinarines are a delicious, European-style dessert that. It is made by combining milk and sugar into a creamy mixture with starch as the main ingredient. The three flavors we tried were strawberry, tequila, and coconut which all came out tasting sweet but not too overpowering thanks to the sugary dough base of this little snack you’re sure to love!

13. Best Mexican Candies: Cocada Banderas

Cocada Banderas are little coconut candies shaped and coloured like Mexican flags. I’m a lover of anything tasting like the delicious flavor of coconuts, so bonus points right out of the gate. If there is anyway of explaining how these little candies taste, they are similar to Bounty bard without all the chocolate on top. Very tasty but if you’re not a fan of too much sweetness they might not be the right choice for you.

14. Mini Oblea (with cajeta) SIN AZUCAR by Las Sevillanas

The Mini Obleas from the company La Sevillana are great, and they sell them for just under a dollar. These are the ones without sugar.

They come in four flavors: vanilla with milk chocolate; coffee with milk chocolate; dulce de leche – sweetened condensed caramelized milk – dipped in dark cocoa powder or white sugar hard candy shell covered in dark cocoa powder mixed into rice pudding-flavored ice cream base made of skimmed cow’s dairy evaporated whole eggs, brown sugar, water and corn starch. The fourth flavor is that you get to mix yourself! “Dip your own” cups contain six different colors of liquid syrup.

15. Chiclosos de cajeta by Coronado

Mexican Chiclosos are made with goat milk, giving them an extra richness that is hard to match in other desserts like ice cream or chocolate cake! They’re also very easy on my stomach since they don’t contain any dairy ingredients at all; which can be helpful if you have lactose intolerance or just want something more healthy for yourself this season without sacrificing flavor!

It’s is not easy to include a list of all the best Mexican goodies. I’ve done my research and included popular options that you might want to try when visiting Mexico or ordering from Amazon. Have you tried any? What did you think? Did I miss any Mexican candies? Let me know in your comments below!

And if you’re more interested in Mexican food than candies, check out the most amazingly delicious things to eat next.

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