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Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Mexico: Enjoying These Delightful Cascade Falls

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Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Mexico is a natural rock formation outside the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. As spring water cascaded down the rocks for millennia, minerals were deposited, resulting in a succession of natural rock formations that resemble cascading waterfalls. There are just a handful of calcified waterfalls in the world.

What is a Stone Waterfall?

A Stone Cascade is a waterfall sculpted over a long time by water that contains many minerals (mainly calcium carbonate). Whenever the water is exposed to the outside world, it becomes calcified, making it seem like a dripping candle.

The springs from which the water comes are still active, and the water continues to flow from the rocks, albeit not at boiling temperatures, as the site’s name indicates. Mineral-rich water, such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, fills two pools above the “waterfalls.”

There is just one other place where this happens, Pamukale, Turkey: a chain of lakes that seem to be covered in snow.

Hierve el Agua’s most popular waterfall is El Anfiteatro (The Amphitheater). As a result of its design, it allows for lakes to grow naturally. It stands at 60 meters (197 ft).

An infinity pool on the lip of a ravine is an example of this kind of pool. Despite the translation Hierve el Agua, which means “boils water,” the water is rather cool. Therefore, swimming is discouraged as a means of lessening the impact of pollution.

Where is Hierve el Agua?

Hierve el Agua is around 45 miles east of Oaxaca City and nearly 9 miles southeast of Mitla. It is in the middle of the desert. Therefore, the place is very far away and hard to get to, making the surrounding hills even more tricky.

However, a safe trail runs down the hill, so visitors can walk around the waterfall and enjoy the scenery. Since Hierve el Agua is about 45 miles southeast of Oaxaca de Juarez, it makes for a simple day trip.

hierve el agua oaxaca mexico

How can you reach Hierve el Agua from Oaxaca City?

To reach Hierve el Agua from Oaxaca City, you can use the bus. Make your way to the second-class bus station in Oaxaca or Jose Vasconcelos’s Boulevard. Then, take a bus from there (Highway 190).

The second option is to take a camioneta to Hierve el Agua, Mexico in Mitla. They leave from the Mitla bus station right across the street and can hold up to eight people. This will be a two-hour drive one way.

From Oaxaca City, go to Mitla.

There are two ways you can get to Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Mexico in the local area. You can take the second-class bus station in Oaxaca City to reach Mitla or drive down Boulevard Jose Vasconcelos (Highway 190), which takes about an hour.

The terminal for second-class buses is referred to as Terminal de Autobuses de Segunda Clase and others call it Central. The terminal is around 1 km west of Oaxaca’s main square, the Zocalo. It is the best way to get there from its central business district.

It doesn’t matter that Highway 190 is a long way from the Zocalo. All bus services to Mitla pass along here about every 30 minutes. Estadio Eduardo Vasconcelos, a baseball stadium, is a great place to wait for buses.

Mitla to Hierve El Agua

After arriving by bus in Mitla, you will need to switch to a camioneta where you will be picked-up by car to go to Hierve el Agua and the waterfall. Camionetas from the town of Mitla may be boarded in front of the bus station.

Unfortunately, there are no established schedules in this area since the camionetas only begin the journey after they are full to capacity. You may be required to wait for a lengthy amount of time, so it’s best to begin your journey from Oaxaca City once you arrive.

The drive from the town of Mitla all the way to Hierve el Agua, Mexico, is about one hour long.

The ride to Hierve el Agua using camionetas

As soon as you start your drive, the camioneta voyage between Mitla and Hierve is quite spectacular. If you are among the lucky ones, you might get a seat at the front of the extended cab. However, the best views are found towards the back of the vehicle.

The pick-up van drives you through a little village, through herding cows, and over arid terrain. After this, it’s all downhill to your end destination, and that’s precisely how you get to the amazing Hierve el Agua from the popular city of Oaxaca.

What to Bring to Hierve El Agua

If you want to swim, you must bring a swimsuit and a towel. Due to the absence of shade, you must use sunscreen. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and, if you have them, a UPF shirt. Visit the lower cascade section with shoes capable of a quick ascent over a rather steep terrain.

. Ensure that you have sufficient water and cash on hand to cover the cost of transportation, entry, and any tolls (if you are not driving the camioneta).

Additionally, you may need the following items:

• Disinfectant wipes for travel and a touchless thermometer

• Accessories for photography, such as spare batteries and memory cards

• Portable power source

Where to Stay at Hierve El Agua

Simple cottages are available on-site for 300 pesos a night for those who choose not to camp. For further information on them, inquire at Hierve’s entry desk. A stay in Mitla for the night is an excellent choice (Hotel CasAntica is a beautiful option).

Here are other options for accommodation in Oaxaca on a budget.

The Andaina Youth Hostel

All budget-conscious travelers flock to the Andaina Youth Hostel since it is the least expensive option accessible. Apart from its inexpensive pricing, this restaurant has been lauded for its great location and clean environment.

The Hotel Victoria Oaxaca– Provides an excellent strategic location in the city center (they offer a shuttle service if you don’t want to walk the 15 minutes to the center) and relaxing amenities such as a swimming pool.

Marialicia Suites Hotel Boutique- A few of the many reasons you should book a night at this hotel include its excellent location, clean and comfy rooms, and responsive staff.

The Best Tours of Hierve el Agua

If you’re short on time yet want to see all Hierve el Agua offers, a tour is your best option. Most excursions include:

• Visits to the world’s tallest tree located in Tule

• The mezcal distillery

• The weaving yard located in Teotitlan

• The ruins of Mitla

While this is an excellent way of maximizing your day, you will have little time for exploring Hierve el Agua. If you do not schedule a private trip, you will be met upon arrival by a big group.

Nonetheless, some groups leave early enough to dodge the crowds, while others spend around two hours while at Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Mexico before proceeding to a Mezcal tasting. If you’re determined to see everything, some tours include a stop at Hierve el Agua as part of each stop. Tours may go more than eight hours; thus, carry a bag lunch and some additional time for breaks.

Booking a Hierve El Agua trip with one of the several Oaxaca City expedition providers may be difficult due to the abundance of options. Instead, make a reservation with Get Your Guide, which has outstanding reviews and a high volume of bookings. If you choose this path, you will avoid dealing with local tour providers in Oaxaca City. Simply click on the tour below and book.

These tours usually start with a pick-up from your hotel at around 10:00 a.m. and includes a visit to Hierve El Agua, as well as stops to El Tule Tree, Mitla Ruins, and a Mezcal Factory before returning to your hotel in Oaxaca City at roughly 6:00 p.m.

What are the attractions At Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua is home to a variety of hot springs. Over time, minerals have gathered along the cliff’s edge, creating the image of pouring waterfalls. Numerous pools were built at its peak to “improve” the experience. Hierve el Agua is divided by two distinct waterfalls.

One hundred meters away from the more magnificent waterfall with pools lies the mineral-rich precipice. While it is best observed from the lowermost parts of the pools, it is also accessible through a short hike through the forest. All you need to do is follow the path on the left behind the big pool.

At the summit’s T-intersection, bear left across a ridge. Continue down the trail and check to see if there is a yellow caution tape, at which point you should turn around and return. It is now safe to ascend a side route to the petrified waterfall’s crest. You’ll encounter several inscribed plants along the way.

From the distant petrified cascade, you may observe both ‘frozen’ waterfalls concurrently or descend to the base of the cliffs and stare back at the primary cascade. Since the minerals are distributed, pounding on Hierve el Agua is like knocking on a wall.

You might want to sit on the ledge of a rushing waterfall and reflect on your life while looking out over the valley. After a hard day of walking, cool down in the chilly waters of Hierve el Agua. The maximum depth is two meters, and the bottom is moss and lichen-covered.

Should you go to Hierve el Agua Oaxaca Mexico?

Oaxaca City tourists should make a point of visiting these natural hot springs and pools. I definitely recommend seeing them if only once. You’ll never forget the ascent; the strange landscape of the springs and waters and the breathtaking Instagram-worthy sights. All this makes this attraction a must-see site.

What do you think? Have you been there or would you go? Leave a comment below.

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