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huatulco mexico

Where is Huatulco Mexico and Is it One of the Best Spots in Oaxaca?

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huatulco mexico

Huatulco Mexico is a small Pacific Coast fishing village that has become an international vacation spot! Located just south of Oaxaca on the Mexican coast, this overlooked gem can be easily accessed by plane or car.

With its laidback atmosphere and alluring beaches Huatulco’s transformation into mainstream tourism was inevitable – although many visitors do struggle to pronounce the destination name, Huatulco (pronounced wah-TOOL-co) .

Huatulco is a mecca for travelers looking to explore the coast of Oaxaca in Mexico. Whether you are interested in culinary experiences or tours that highlight saving natural resources, this small town has it all!

With its pristine beaches and rich cultural history Huatulco will make your visit worthwhile with so many things going on around every corner. There are great food options from local restaurants on the street all the way to five star cuisine. You’re only limited by your imagination (and of course, your budget!)

Huatulco is a picturesque coastal town that offers travelers the chance to connect with locals and experience authentic Mexican culture.

This small resort city has low-density tourism which appeals to those who want a getaway from big box stores and chain restaurants. This area is Green Globe certified and a solid eco friendly resort so the beautiful natural surroundings are always highlighted.

Huatulco is a hidden treasure trove waiting to be discovered. It’s an indigenous paradise where you can explore its natural wonders, take part in various activities or just relax on the pristine beaches while being serenaded by hammocks filled with songbirds!

There are many reasons people visit this amazing place but no matter what you want from your trip planning, Huatulco does have something that will fit all needs.

So keep reading to find out a little bit more about this southern Mexican paradise!

Why Vacation in Huatulco?

Huatulco has 330 days or more of sunshine per year and is one-of the most reliable destinations in Mexico for those seeking warm, sunny weather.

The locals love to spend their time at Playa Santa Cruz and it’s usually busy with tourists from all over North America! When you visit this beautiful port side town during any season be sure not miss out on some incredible seafood restaurants or enjoy an evening under the stars while listening to waves lapping against wooden docks—Huatulco can be an absolutely magical place.

The beaches in Huatulco are absolutely stunning. They have a beautiful lightly-toasted hue and clear water that sparkles like jewels…you could literally revolve an entire vacation around visiting the various beaches in this area!

Huatulco’s beaches are not only stunning, but they also provide the perfect opportunity to finally learn how to surf. The winter months offer gentle breaks that make it easy for beginners and experienced alike; wile summertime brings international crews of surfers looking forward to when the waves really heat up!

If you’re interested in joining the surfers (or just want some tips), local guides can show access hidden areas on these coastlines known as “secret spots.”

What’s better than a few days by the beach? A whole month! For those looking to take their time and enjoy life, head down to La Bocana Beach where you can watch local surfers play in between waves. You’ll feel like one with nature as well since this area is home not only to many flowers but also animals such as birds who come here for the freshwater lakes found among the rivers.

The perfect spot doesn’t always exist but Huatulco comes pretty close with its beautiful weather and locally grown coffee.

Huatulco is a hidden gem where visitors are celebrated. It’s a place that shares its culture to those outside of the area.

This destination can also meet all your travel needs such as lodging and tour packages. But undoubtedly the Huatulco people are what make this experience the most special. You’ll always feel an incredible welcome from the local people towards tourists. The people are probably the number one reason to visit.

Where Should You Stay in Huatulco, Mexico?

Where should you stay in Huatulco? There are many options for accommodations. For a more unique experience, try staying at one of the hotels that offer adventure trips out into nature.

Amenities range from luxury properties with all imaginable amenities available on site to B&Bs catering specifically towards travelers looking forward an authentic Mexican Flavor Experience!

Huatulco is a paradise for those who love to relax and enjoy the sun, but it’s also one of Mexico’s most popular destinations with an abundance of accommodation options available. With everything from privately- owned villas & condos rentals (La Vivienda Villa) large all inclusive resorts (Secrets Resort Spa or Dreams Resort) and boutique hotels/resorts such as Quinta Real or Camino Real, there are plenty of choices so you’ll be sure not miss your dream vacation spot!

The Ocean in Mexico: Huatulco’s sea life

Huatulco has a special place in my heart. It’s where I’ve spent many years visiting and building our home and it still holds many happy memories for me.

You’ll always find some serene part of the bay with an adorable little private beach, which provides ample opportunities to enjoy nature without any distractions or hustle-bustle.

Since there are so many beaches throughout this incredible area – you can choose whichever suits your fancy best–I recommend taking plenty of time exploring each one as there are so many different locations and sizes to choose from.

Huatulco is a must-see for those who love taking in the beauty of nature and enjoying unique activities. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, fishing fanatics should consider participating in the annual tournament (usually held in May). There’s also plenty to discover beneath the water if you’re soley interested in snorkeling/diving during your stay too! Check out Hurricane Divers right on the beach of Santa Cruz for lessons and instruction!

Hoping to escape the crowds? Head out on a day trip from Huatulco and find some incredible reefs where you can enjoy hours of snorkeling with all sorts of sea creatures. You’ll be able do it without any worries, because there won’t even be many people around.

Remember too, to pack light. Pack only what you need. Check out the ultimate Mexico packing list for a visit to this tropical destination.

Huatulco Mexico on Map

Huatulco is not a large town. The area of Huatulco itself is actually a lot of small areas and bays made up to encompass the whole area.

The map below shows where Huatulco is located in Mexico and also some of its main beach areas.
There is really a place for everyone in Huatulco! From those looking to sit in the sun on a beach all day (not recommended though!) or spend the day in activities and tours, there are plenty of alternatives available depending on your idea of the perfect vacation!

Huatulco Mexico Safety

This gorgeous litte town is not just a beach destination. It’s an all inclusive town with great restaurants and nightlife that attract people from around the world to visit every year. But remember, there is no perfect crime-free area.

Huatulco is not a high crime area of Mexico and is relatively safe, however common sense should always prevail. Always make sure you don’t wear valuables on the street, don’t leave belongings on chairs at the beach and avoid walking home at night in the dark. By not putting yourself in vulnerable situations you can avoid some of the small petty crimes that may occur in a beach destination.

Make sure you follow common sense precautions even if they seem to be simple. For more information on Mexico safety tips check out Is Mexico Safe To Visit?

Flights to Huatulco, Mexico

When you’re looking for a getaway, there are few places as tempting and adventuresome than Huatulco. To start planning your trip to this beautiful destination resort at the bottom of Mexico, just visit our flight page!

Huatulco is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its stunning beaches, lush vegetation, and friendly locals, it’s easy to see why this part of Mexico is so popular. If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, this destination is definitely worth considering.

What do you think? Is Huatulco on your list of places to visit?

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