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A Hole In the Wall Restaurant: 8 Best in Huatulco

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So you love a little hole in the wall restaurant that makes Mexico so interesting, right? Want to skip the fancy fine dining on your next trip down to Huatulco, Mexico?

Mexico has plenty of fantastic upscale restaurants but if you love to experience the little food joints that are none too pricey but have amazing food then stay tuned!

I’ve rounded up some of the best un-fancy places in Huatulco, Mexico. Some might be a little short on atmosphere or ambience but they serve up amazing food. Rest assured that there are tons of great places in Huatulco but these are the ones I have experience with and can personally vouch for so let’s start with the basics…Tacos.

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Hole in the Wall Restaurant: You’ve Got to Try the Mexican food

Taqueria Los parados Huatulco – this little taco joint is basically just that. A joint on the corner of the street with a 2nd floor above that’s open in the evening definitely isn’t anything fancy. But if you’re looking for some good tacos and cheap Mexican eats, this is the place to go. Great fish, beef and shrimp tacos. Have to mention the tlayudas which are good too. This is the epitome of Mexican comfort food. Add a couple of cold beers and you’re good to go with barely a gouge in your wallet!

hole in the wall restaurant
hole in the wall tacos

Antojitos Los Gallos is one a hole in the wall restaurant that doesn’t get much mention. It’s Nothing special to look at but with a wide-ranging menu including Pozole, Flautas, Tostadas y even Pancita.

Try the Caldo Tlalpeño, a light chicken broth with shredded chicken breast, vegetables, avocado, onion, cilantro, oaxacan cheese and chipotle chile. It might be something you’re not used to in your home country but take a chance, and try something different. You may be surprised by how absolutely scrumptious it is.

El Grillo Marinero – there’s a reason this place has received quite a few media mentions. The seafood is as fresh as can be, in fact, the owner goes down to a huatulco beach every morning and dives for your dinner. Check into this unassuming little restaurant for amazing grilled snapper and mahi mahi. If you’re a fan of raw seafood (I’m not but a lot of folks love it!), try the sashimi and ceviche. Regardless of whether you like your seafood cooked or raw, this is THE hole in the wall restaurant you don’t want to miss.

Tlayudas Arely Huatulco – first of all you probably need to know what a tlayuda is anyway? It’s kind of like a Mexican Pizza with black been puree, some meat that can be chicken, beef or chorizo, or basically any kind of meat, local cheese and lettuce and tomato. It’s either served like a pizza or folded over for easy handling. Tlayudas Arely makes them fantastically, with the best stringy Oaxacan cheese and lots of varieties. Check this place out for a cheap, tasty dish and of course, don’t forget the beer!

hole in the wall restaurant
tlayudas in Huatulco

Tacos Fish Chef yes, another taco place to mention because who can have too many tacos? Tacos Fish Chef is located close to the big Super Chedraui supermarket and is worth mentioning for their tacos too. Their fish tacos are superb but they also have shrimp and beef to round it off. Do your shopping and then check out this place for a serious snack!

Taqueria El Padrino nothing fancy in this place, but boy do they have good tacos. If you’re looking to fill up on some seriously yummy tortillas head over to Taqueria El Padrino. You’ll have some serious choices like chorizo con papas, cochinita pibil, as well as your beef and chicken choices. They’re open for lunch too if you want to have a quick snack before heading to the beach. Cheap eats that will fill you up with comfort food! What more could you want?

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So you don’t want tacos?

Thai-Pei Asian – This joint comes with rave reviews! Just a tiny hole in the wall eatery with only a few tables, the Thai food is excellent. Try the Rollitos Thai, Curry Hindu de Pollo and Curry Rojo Thai de Cameron. If you’re a fan of Thai food this little gem has to be on your radar. Definitely gaining a following in Huatulco!

Mama Elsas- this is basically a food truck with some tables around it but boy, the hamburgers are “Muy sabrosa”. Everyone raves about Mama Elsa’s and speaking from experience the burgers and fries are really good! Although the menu is limited and is basically limited to just hamburgers and fries, there’s something about sitting around a food truck in the evening in the tropics that is really appealing! My kids absolute love this place so it’s would definitely be a hit with the kids!

mama elsas food truck

Huatulco has so many awesome little hole in the wall restaurants that are the “best” so by all means if you have great experiences with others let us know below in the comments!

Happy Traveling!

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March 12, 2021 4:28 pm

Locations? Some people might think all of these are in Crucecita but I know the food truck one used to be in front of the holiday inn express, mas o menos on the way to Santa Cruz.


March 12, 2021 4:46 pm

Hey Steve, you’re absolutely right! But if you click on the name of the restaurant in the article it will take you to the restaurant website or facebook page which has their location. I deliberately didn’t put this in the article because of exactly what you’re saying, they can change their location a lot!
Thanks for commenting!


November 21, 2021 11:59 pm

Pre-pandemic we used to get amazing tlayudas from a food court just on outside of the square near the church. The owner was named Claudio. Anyone know where he might be now?


November 22, 2021 5:04 pm

Sorry Anne, restaurants and vendors do move around a bit in Huatulco so I couldn’t tell you but if you ask your question in a local forum you might find out.

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